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For Truly Advanced Mobile Analysis

The Answer to Advanced Marketing Questions

Though marketing analytics have come a long way, many marketers still rely on offline spreadsheets to answer complex marketing questions and dive deeper into their data.

Pivot by AppsFlyer provides marketers with unparalleled deep analysis capabilities, remarkable speed and ease of use in a familiar format – without needing to download data or rebuild custom pivot tables. With Pivot, marketers can answer their most complicated questions right from the AppsFlyer dashboard, collaborate with colleagues and improve their agility, adapting to new and emerging opportunities faster and more easily.

Easy To Use, Powerful Insights

Built in partnership with leading marketers, Pivot is remarkably easy to use and incredibly powerful.

  • Ingest and analyze up to 100,000 rows of up-to-date aggregate data
  • Filter, sort and analyze your data in real-time
  • Intuitive drag and drop interface
  • Customize everything, from filters to rows, columns, groups and KPIs
  • Clone, Customize and Share to adapt your Pivot to your needs or collaborate with colleagues

Putting Pivot to Work

As a dynamic, fully customizable report, Pivot provides marketers with virtually unlimited opportunities for analysis and collaboration. Below are four examples of how marketers use Pivot:

  • Aggregate Performance by Media Source
    Benchmark your performance per media source across apps using your preferred funnel stages and KPIs. You can even customize your KPIs to show Sum, Count, Min, Max or Rate, delivering the optimal view for your needs. Drill down using filters like Geo to easily compare different data slices.Multi App
    This Pivot allows you to easily compare and contrast performance across media sources. Use top media sources or even organic installs to set the performance benchmark against which your other sources will be measured.
  • Deep Campaign Analysis
    Build custom funnels measuring everything from impressions to clicks, installs, conversion rate, specified in-app events, revenue, ROI, uninstall and uninstalls rate per day. Filter by media source, campaign or even adset, ad or GEO to better understand campaign performance down the funnel.

    Deep Campaign Analysis (2)This Pivot provides your team quick access to deep funnel insights, as well as micro and macro performance insights across the funnel and your preferred KPIs.
  • Next-Level Cost, KPI and ROI Analysis
    Analyze your media cost and ROI across apps and media sources to analyze your total media spend, KPI performance and bottom line marketing ROI. Filter by app, media source to drill down and identify optimization opportunities.Multi App
  • Activity + Retention Insights
    Finding the optimal balance between activity and retention when it comes to user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns is not easy. Combine your activity and retention KPIs in a single Pivot to identify the ideal balance between user-acquisition and retargeting. Add in geo and media source data points to identify which markets and media sources show room for growth, and where you may have hit your paid media saturation point (where increased spend correlates with declining ROI).Activity-+-Retention-Insights_high_Rez (1)

For more information on Pivot, visit our Knowledge Base or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today!