Validation Rules

Enforce Your Targeting

Sometimes your carefully planned targeting misses the mark. Your campaigns targeting the US ends up driving installs in India, or your ads targeting the iPhone 7 end up bringing installs on the iPhone 6. Validation Rules put you, the marketer, in the driver’s seat – blocking attribution for installs that don’t meet your defined targeting.

Enforce your campaign targeting and keep your data clean, with Validation Rules.

Setup Is a Snap

Setting a validation rule is incredibly easy. Simply follow the on-screen, step-by-step guide to define your parameters. Want to setup a ruleset? Simply select which media sources or campaigns you wish to manage, your desired targeting, and click save. It’s that easy.

Built To Scale

Many teams find themselves managing dozens of campaigns across a large number, simultaneously. Validation Rules is built to scale, providing the ability to enforce the targeting of every campaign or network partner via a dedicated Ruleset. There are no limits to the number of Validation Rules you can define or run at any given time.

Real Time Editing

The mobile business moves fast. All Validation Rules are fully editable in real-time. With just a click, you can change your Ruleset configurations, as well as enable or disable any Ruleset. You are always in total control.

Fully Transparent To Integrated Networks

Reconciliation negotiations at the end of a billing cycle are a headache for everyone involved. The best way to avoid this process is to maintain real-time transparent reporting with integrated network partners.

All integrated partners have full access to all Validation Rules that apply to their media, as well as a log of installs that were not-attributed due to a particular rule. Additionally, rejected attribution postbacks with rejection reasons will be shared with integrated networks in real-time.

Protect360 Fraud Rules (Coming soon!)

Increasingly, mobile marketers are including fraud parameters in their IOs and targeting criteria. Marketers using Protect360 will soon be able to utilize nearly all of the Protect360 fraud KPIs, including DeviceRank ratings and CTIT distribution, automatically enforcing the fraud terms they defined in their IO.

Take back control over your campaigns, with Validation Rules.

To learn more about Validation Rules (now in closed beta), speak with your success manager or schedule a demo today.

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