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Validation Rules

Enforce Your Targeting

Enforce your campaign targeting and customize your fraud protection to best suit your specific targeting and fraud requirements with AppsFlyer’s Validation Rules.

Easily define your campaign targeting rules

Translate measurable data into actionable rules to enforce specific targeting requirements and segmentations

Validation Rules main dashboard

Validation Rules main dashboard

  • In-depth campaign control 
  • Partner insertion orders (IO) enforcement
  • Maximal rule flexibility – accommodate any specific use case
  • A layer of custom fraud protection
  • Sophisticated fraud protection through unique in-app flow definitions

Validate your activity

Rules can be applied on all traffic types, across specific targeting factors. 

Validation Rules list view

Validation Rules list view

Any rule combination is possible 

  • Non-organic and organic
  • Direct advertiser traffic or agency traffic
  • Specific media sources and publishers
  • Integrated media partners and SRNs
  • Per-campaign, ad-set, ad 

Protect your activity from fraud

AppsFlyer’s Validation Rules set clear definitions of what is accepted as legitimate activity and more importantly, what isn’t – inserting your business logic into your campaign’s set-up. 

An integral part of Protect360’s multi-layered fraud protection, customized rules offer a personalized advantage over sophisticated fraud attempts.

Protect360 multi-layered fraud protection

Protect360 multi-layered fraud protection

Tackle sophisticated in-app fraud

CPA campaigns can no longer be taken into account as a valid form of fraud protection.
Sophisticated fraud operations set their sights on in-app activity as they aim to:

  • Gain higher returns from CPA rates
  • Whitewash install fraud attempts by presenting fake in-app engagement 

AppsFlyer’s in-app validation rules allow for advanced fraud detection through customized validation of expected in-app behavior benchmarks, based on advertiser business knowledge.