In-app event measurement & performance – a joint AppsFlyer-TikTok For Business report 



In-app events make the [app] world go round. 

In a space dominated by free-to-install apps where actual value is tied to post-install, in-app activity, this data helps marketers make much smarter decisions to help drive outcomes valuable to the business.

Well-defined event and attribution configurations allow marketers to meet their goals and optimize towards what matters most. 

What’s inside

The new AppsFlyer-TikTok For Business report offers insights and guidance on:

  • Which and how many in-app events to measure 
  • Which SKAdNetwork conversion value schemas to use
  • How long to extend your SKAN postback timer
  • Adoption trends for new solutions on TikTok
  • In-app event performance data: funnel conversion rates
  • The impact of video ads on retention (day 1-30)
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