In-app event measurement: The building blocks of app marketing success


App marketing performance measurement has turned sharply to post-install focus in the last few years.

As a result, measuring specific user actions, or in-app events, has taken center stage, allowing marketers to run far more effective user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns. In a space where a competitive edge is driven by the right use of data, granular in-app event measurement becomes the backbone of data-driven growth.   

However, the amount of in-app event data can also be overwhelming.

It is therefore critical that app marketers identify not only which events to measure in their funnel, but also how many and how deep per a given event.  

Judging by the most popular events industry leaders in each vertical are measuring, we can see in the chart below that ‘purchase’ is leading the way, and rightfully so. But we have also identified that app marketers are losing customers due to gaps in measurement in the path to purchase.

To help marketers fill in these gaps, measure what matters, and boost their performance, we’ve put together this first-of-its-kind report.

Highlights include:

  • The most popular events mapped, per vertical and app size
  • Funnel conversion rates, per vertical
  • The average number of unique events, per vertical and app size
  • The correlation between number of events measured to share of paying users, including vertical breakdown
  • The impact rich in-app events have on Day 30 retention rates

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