The mobile-first enterprise report: How financial brands are transformed by mobile


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“The focus on mobile increased dramatically with Covid. We have been forced to push features on mobile quickly now that people don’t want to walk into a branch. Mobile check deposit took off and we had to scale it. It forced us to make mobile-first even better.”

Finance executive

Navigating the journey toward becoming mobile-first isn’t easy, particularly for financial service companies. It requires mapping an often complex range of services into a well functioning and engaging mobile app. But, when 1 of 3 of finance enterprises have a strong mobile-only customer base, having a clear and solid mobile-first marketing strategy is a must.

For financial service companies to foster mobile growth, they need to understand that their app is not only for customer engagement, but also an important channel for acquiring new customers. However, to keep their app at the forefront can require them to make significant investments.

In this report, AppsFlyer and Adobe teamed up to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by leading executives in large finance & insurance companies, and the steps they can take to begin to address them.

What’s inside:

  • The top challenges and pain points that are driving financial brands to accelerate their mobile transformation
  • Hiring and organizational change issues that are at the heart of this digital landscape
  • The pandemic’s effect on the pace of mobile transformation in the financial sector and the role mobile apps play
  • Key metrics for measuring mobile-first success. 
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