The mobile-first enterprise report: How brands are being transformed by mobile devices


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In our inaugural mobile marketing survey, AppsFlyer and Adobe team up to understand how 300 top corporations are redesigning their go-to-market strategy in our mobile-centric world. 

Among the many changes produced by the global pandemic, a greater reliance on our personal devices is still affecting how companies communicate with their clients and consumers. 

In this report we investigate the pain points and key developments that are driving companies to compete with their digital first counterparts and eventually evolve to dominate their industry. Privacy, cross-channel measurement, and enhanced engagement are just a few of the issues covered.

What’s inside

  • The role of mobile as both an acquisition and retention tool for the enterprise
  • Where do companies see future revenue coming from and how does your company compare to others?
  • Companies reveal their greatest challenges to becoming mobile-first 
  • Key metrics for measuring mobile-first success
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