App marketing during Vietnamese Tết – insights for 2021 planning


What’s inside

With more apps downloaded than ever in 2020, Vietnam’s Tết season continue to surge.

We saw a Year-over-Year (YoY) increase in installs for Tết season, with exceptional spikes in Entertainment, Shopping, and some Gaming app installs in the weeks following Tết. This surge could be attributed to the shutdown of schools in the wake of Vietnam’s first cases of COVID-19.

Meanwhile, paid media during Tết has only grown in importance.

Non-organic installs for Shopping and Entertainment saw a remarkable post-Tết boost, while open sessions for all categories (save for Shopping) rose with the season. The first weeks post-Tết were a great time for Entertainment and Shopping apps to kick off installs campaigns due to lower costs per install (CPI).

App marketing during Vietnamese Tet

For revenue-focused retargeting campaigns, Entertainment and Shopping marketers should focus on Tết week itself and the ones after, respectively, since in-app revenue rises during this time. They may also want to look into ramping up re-engagement and retargeting efforts to take advantage of the higher short-term retention observed this year.

Gaming apps should consider starting paid campaigns one week before Tết to capitalize on gamers having more free time over the festive period. Their open sessions tended to rise, perhaps due to both Tết and the subsequent COVID-19 lockdown.

Being mindful that COVID-19 may continue to have an impact in 2021, marketers should study the data carefully and plan forward as the next Tết season arrives.

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