How to build high-performance user journeys


Alex Roucourt Director Strategic Partnerships, AppsFlyer
Benjamin Mattingly Global Product Marketing Manager, App Ads, TikTok

Key highlights:

  • (5:37) Which in-app events you should measure
  • (9:40) How many in-app events to measure
  • (14:40) The impact of SKAdNetwork
  • (22:57) How to achieve optimal performance in practice 
  • (29:08) Key takeaways and recommendations 


In-app events make the (app) world go round. But are you getting the most out of them?  

Free-to-install apps have increasingly dominated the market, but the growth opportunities and actual value are tied to post-install in-app activity. At the heart of post-install measurement are in-app events, which contain specific information about actions taken in-app, whether opening an app, completing a game tutorial, adding a product to a shopping cart, booking a flight, watching a video on-demand, or registering for a banking app. 

For this webinar, we joined forces with TikTok for Business to show you how identifying and measuring these important events can help you make smarter decisions around user acquisition, engagement, and retention.

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