Staying ahead of the mobile game: challenges and opportunities


Adam Smart Director Product, Gaming, AppsFlyer
Michail Katkoff CEO and Founder of Savage Games and Deconstructor of Fun

Key highlights:

  • (2:30) Tips for new mobile games
  • (6:00) Mobile gaming industry trends
  • (13:50) The future of mobile gaming
  • (29:14) Blockchain, NFTs & the metaverse


NFTs. Blockchain gaming. Metaverse. Are you ready for the brave new world of mobile gaming? 

AppsFlyer’s Adam Smart hosted a fireside chat with Michail Katkoff, CEO of Savage Game Studios and founder of Deconstructor of Fun, to get behind the buzzwords and look to the future of mobile gaming

Watch the recording to get on top of some of the hottest trends in mobile games today, and pick up some tips on new strategies and approaches emerging across the industry. 


The state of gaming app marketing 2023

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