Two new ways to accelerate your marketing growth stack

By Jon Burg
Two new ways to accelerate your marketing growth stack - featured
Two new ways to accelerate your marketing growth stack - featured

Setting up and maintaining a marketing growth stack often strains limited resources.

At AppsFlyer, we have set up preconfigured integrations with every provider and platform in the world to help take some of this workload off your team.

Today, I would like to share two exciting updates.

Leverage your expanded cost reporting – now including Snapchat, Vungle, and Aarki!

Measuring your ad spend and ROI used to require either massive amounts of manual work or dedicated third-party providers.

Over the last few years, we have worked closely with leading media sources to close this gap.

Our direct, preconfigured integrations can now automatically report your media spend/cost data for approximately 90% of all installs.

This media spend is reported right in your AppsFlyer dashboard – no custom code or postback maintenance required. With just a few clicks, you’re all set.

By collecting cost data and matching it with your LTV, you can automatically calculate your ROI and optimize towards your bottom line.

Over the last six months, marketers that measured their cost and revenues with AppsFlyer saw their ROI improve by 20%! And, to take this a step further, the largest apps that measure their cost and mobile revenues with AppsFlyer saw a 3X improvement in their ROI over just six months!

High-Growth Apps See Massive ROI Lift

Optimizing towards what matters has a very real impact on the bottom line.

Over the last month, we have added cost support for over 50 new ad networks, including Snapchat, Vungle, and Aarki, bringing our total cost coverage to about 90% of all installs!

On a related note, we have also added agency support for Snapchat, as well as impression and click reporting for both Snapchat and Apple Search Ads, providing broader multi-touch attribution support and insights for both of these powerful media sources.

It has never been easier to measure your cost, LTV and ROI.

To get started, check out our Help Center, speak with your Success Manager or schedule your AppsFlyer demo today. 

Sync your audience segments across providers – now with Oracle Data Cloud

AppsFlyer’s integrated Audiences are the most efficient way to sync your mobile target segments with your broader marketing tech stack, without leaving the AppsFlyer dashboard or setting up custom mappings.

Simply define your Audiences based on your mobile marketing data (impressions, clicks, attribution data), mobile engagement (rich in-app events), and metadata (app version, geo and OS version).

Then select your preferred destination, and your Audiences will automatically sync over.

Audiences partner connection

All partner integrations are fully pre-configured.

Once set up, your Audiences will update dynamically, expanding your marketing reach without requiring any additional marketing tech stack investment or maintenance.

With the addition of Oracle Data Cloud (BlueKai) to AppsFlyer Audiences, marketers can further extend their mobile data reach. Our Oracle Data Cloud integrations will allow you to:

  • Match your mobile (AppsFlyer) Audiences with your first-party data in Oracle to optimize your web and mobile engagement
  • Target or personalize your emails based on mobile activity
  • Extend your target audience activation through Oracle Data Cloud’s audiences solutions

Jon Burg

Jon is a seasoned marketer with 15 years experience in communications, customer experience and product innovation. While working agency side, Jon led marketing innovation and social product development for a number of Fortune 500 brands.

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