What to look out for in a powerful audience management solution

By Danielle Nissan
What to look out for in a powerful audience management solution - featured
What to look out for in a powerful audience management solution - featured

Ok, we get it, there is a lot of competition out in the market today offering a variety of pain solving audience management solutions for digital marketers. The vast options are overwhelming, making any type of evaluation long and tedious.

We thought of making it a little easier by outlining exactly what makes our Audiences solution so popular and effective.

1. Data ownership

Yup, you guessed it. There is a reason data security is top of mind when it comes to protecting user data and building a targeting strategy.

It’s no trivial decision to centralize your audience management in one highly secure platform, meeting the highest standard of data privacy and security in the market.

Today more than ever, marketers are in need of a secure solution to utilize user behavioral data without overexposing to third parties. By sending only the list of device IDs needed to your partner networks and not attaching sensitive user traits, marketers maintain control within their scope.

This allows brands to continually ensure their loyal users that sensitive data is always kept safe.

2. One-click connection with your favorite partner

With an extensive list of partner integrations specifically integrated with AppsFlyer Audiences, there is no need for any custom integration hassle each time you want to test your audience on a new network.

Having a built-in integration means that syncing audiences to one or multiple integrated partners at once is easier than ever – with no additional efforts needed from either the advertiser or partner sides. Other providers offer only an option to export a list for each audience, which then requires manual work to upload to each network individually.

With AppsFlyer, syncing to networks is seamless and automatic.

In addition, as we continue to grow our partner community, we are ecstatic to announce that this month alone, we have added a new Audiences integration with Jampp, Remerge, and Appreciate.

AppsFlyer's integrated partners - logos

Rafael Lima, Business Solutions Manager at Jampp noted:

“Upon our existing and strong partnership, our customers can now share sophisticated AppsFlyer audiences, saving precious time and aligning their retargeting strategies across the board.”

3. Precise targeting

Most audience tools in the market offer segmentation solution based on simple rulesets.

For example: “users who have made a purchase in the last 30 days.”

At AppsFlyer, we understand that granularity is key when it comes to an effective audience strategy.

Using  Audiences, you can select not just general event types to segment by, but also granular attributes associated with an event, such as category, content type, quantity or even the product identifier.

Users are never limited to building rulesets layered on with just ‘and’ logic. Instead, AppsFlyer provides the ability to leverage a full range of layering logic with And/Or/Include/Exclude rules.

Let’s analyze an example of an e-comm brand.

The brand would like to tailor a promotion for users who have recently made an in-app purchase. Instead of creating a general segment based off of a basic ruleset: “users who have made a purchase and have done so in the past 30 days,” they can also layer a more refined and personalized segment using ‘or’ logic along with their granular purchase data. For example, “users who have made a purchase of specific products or have made a high-value purchase above $300 in the last 90 days, and are located in New York City.”

audience segmentation eCommerce

Another frequent scenario emerges when brands want to create a new segment using their existing audience lists.

For example, use the above audience that you just created (Audience A) and exclude users who have uninstalled the app in the last 7 days (Audience B).
Example of audience segmentation in AppsFlyer (Audience A, exclude B)

By having precise audience segments, you can guarantee efficient use of your marketing budget by ensuring that your marketing campaigns stay relevant to specific users at various points in the conversion funnel and that none of your dollars are wasted with unnecessary communication or overlap.

4. Intuitive data visualization

Having a powerful real-time visualization tool for both audience size and audience overlap means that marketers will see the potential impact of their audience as it’s built out so that they can effectively plan the reach of each campaign before setting live.

Being able to visualize using a Venn diagram is important to correlate the overlap of your audiences, refine messaging accordingly; and take action before activating that audience.

5. Incrementality testing

There is enormous importance when analyzing the incremental impact of your various marketing efforts.

With AppsFlyer’s split audience tool you are able to A/B test audience segments and compare to your holdout group, providing a sophisticated understanding of your audience’s behavior and true performance of your re-engagement campaigns.

In addition, you can use split audience function to split your audience to multiple sub-segments across networks, without the worry of spamming your users with the same message repeatedly or conflicting messages altogether.

6. Centralized management

Marketers often have existing audience segments from external sources. Managing those audiences from any source is a breeze with AppsFlyer.

Simply import your audience created outside of AppsFlyer to manage and sync to integrated partners.

For example, you can seamlessly devise a strategy where you exclude or include users engaging with your other marketing campaigns such as push notifications, in-app ads or email; ensuring efficient spending of your marketing budget.

The bottom line

The growing amount of data only leads to more attributes that marketers segment their audience by, which means that using a basic audience segmentation tool just won’t cut it.

Marketers should fully understand the capabilities available in the market and what may be missing from their current provider.

Retargeting or re-engagement targeting is both pricey and tedious, that is why no one can afford to use a half baked solution. As the marketing stack becomes more inundated and the complexity heightens, the best chance you have of establishing yourself as a serious player in this space is by selectively choosing the best attribution provider that understands the complexities of managing your re-engagement efforts.

You must equip yourself with the right tools that will give you the edge right from the get-go and know exactly which questions to pose in the process.

For more information on AppsFlyer’s Audiences feature, click here or reach out to your CSM today.

Danielle Nissan

Danielle Nissan is a seasoned digital marketer and mobile tech junky, who has been working in the advertising technology space for over 7 years, starting as a technical project manager and later, as a client success director at Kenshoo. She is now a product marketing manager, passionate about leading strategic initiatives through collaboration between clients, agencies, partners and publishers alike. Danielle is also best known for her excessive use of coffee in the office.
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