4 elements of a mission-critical marketing platform

By Oren Kaniel
elementos de plataforma de marketing de missão crítica

I recently had the honor of presenting at the NOAH Conference, a conference that brings together leaders in innovation and entrepreneurship. In my presentation, I decided to answer a question I’m asked a lot lately. What makes AppsFlyer successful? Or, why do companies choose AppsFlyer?

The answer is pretty simple, and could be a good guide for when considering any mission-critical marketing platform:

1. Data Accuracy
2. Richness of Platform
3. Customer Obsessed → Unbiased
4. Privacy & Security

Oren Kaniel, AppsFlyer – NOAH 2019 Tel Aviv

1. Data Accuracy

Data accuracy illustration

Garbage in, garbage out. Regardless of how sophisticated your marketing BI and teams are, if their decision input parameters are wrong, their decisions’ outcome will always be wrong. In modern marketing, attribution data is the source of every decision. As a result, marketers are often making bad decisions without even knowing it.

There are two main reasons:

  1. Fraud
  2. Mis-attribution

In both cases, measurements look great and appear to show that you have made great, profitable decisions. What you don’t actually know is that you are buying your own users and fraudulent traffic. Making that wrong decision over and over again in an increasing scale leads to the bleeding cash cycle.

We leverage our scale (72% of the market) to train our AI to make attribution data more accurate and clean of fraud. We also leverage our market share to make sure that the Fraud Prisoner’s Dilemma is solved, by aligning our partners’ interest to protect AppsFlyer clients.

2. Richness of Platform

Richness of Platform

It is not enough to have fraud-free and accurate attribution data. You also need to have the correct tools to help you analyze the data and make the right decisions. In the last couple of years we’ve developed dozens of products and hundreds of features that are critical for marketers to analyze their data and make the right decisions.

3. Customer Obsessed → Unbiased

customer Obsessed and Unbiased

AppsFlyer is a mission critical tool that is used on a daily basis. Our clients trust us with their most important asset: their data.

We take this responsibility very seriously, and do not take our clients’ trust for granted. For these reasons, it is crucial that we be unbiased and avoid any conflict of interest with our customers:

  1. We only sell to advertisers and represent their interests in the ecosystem.
  2. Unlike other companies, we will not build profiles/personas and monetize our customers’ data.

To summarize, putting our clients first means never placing ourselves in a position of conflict of interest with them.  We need to be sure that we are always making the right decisions for our clients. This is what has allowed us to earn the trust of the ecosystem, on all sides – buyers and sellers.

4. Privacy and Security

The past year has seen some catastrophic security and privacy breaches in the industry. One of the key problems is that companies invest in their own systems, but don’t give the same level of attention to their 3rd party vendors, that have access to the same sensitive information. This is how they create back doors without knowing it.

Privacy and Security: Easy way in

Security and privacy requirements are constantly changing and tightening. It is not enough to conduct a one-off InfoSec process with a new vendor that have access to your sensitive data. Sometimes vendors change their business models, monetization strategy, get acquired or acquire existing agreements/customers, slipping under the radar of your CISO (Chief Information Security Officer); this can add significant risk.

The security and privacy measures you take internally must be mirrored in your demands of your 3rd-party vendors. Security and privacy must be identical for both 1st and 3rd party. This is the only way to ensure that your back door is as secure as the front door.

Privacy and Security: No way in

We are proud to have the strictest security and privacy measures in the industry, ensuring that not only do we not add any risk, we are actively helping our clients to be compliant.

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