Increasing in-app revenue by 29% with audience segmentation and creative optimization

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Carrefour is a multinational network of supermarkets and hypermarkets and a leading global retailer. Since being founded in France in 1959, Carrefour has seen tremendous global expansion, with 12,225 stores in over 30 countries and an active presence in Latin America since 1975. Aside from their physical locations and eCommerce store, Carrefour also offers customers a mobile app that allows shoppers to make purchases and have their orders delivered to their homes.   


As a highly established and recognizable brand worldwide, Carrefour were looking to generate more awareness and reinforce their presence in the Brazilian market. With this goal in mind, they approached TikTok to help ensure Carrefour would be top of mind for customers as a prime destination for a smooth and affordable shopping experience. 


The first phase of Carrefour’s brand presence strategy did not prioritize driving traffic to their mobile app — rather, they focused on directing users from TikTok to their website. Carrefour and TikTok worked together to launch ads centered on driving conversions, with promotions and discount coupons that incentivized users to shop via the online store. 

However, despite the enticing offers on display, the ad creatives failed to resonate with shoppers. After analyzing the results of those campaigns, the teams deduced that this was because the content of the ads did not speak to their audience on TikTok, resulting in a disconnected experience. To rectify this, they decided to change the goal from directing users to Carrefour’s website to driving traffic directly to their mobile app. 

To put this new strategy into action, the brand leveraged AppsFlyer’s Audiences solution, which they were already using to create targeted segments of their user base. Using those lists, Carrefour deployed retargeting campaigns aimed specifically at reaching users who had previously shown interest in the brand. 

In tandem, the brand also leveraged TikTok’s Automated Creative Optimization (ACO) tool, which helps advertisers prioritize creatives that deliver better results. As a result of this new approach, Carrefour started to see more app installs and higher return on ad spend (ROAS), monitoring their performance with AppsFlyer’s measurement suite, which provided full visibility into all of their marketing channels.   

To boost their creative success even further, the brand also began working with well-known content creators, including the highly popular Xurrasco, helping to further solidify brand awareness and loyalty.

As described by Yohanna Marinho, Growth Marketing Manager at Carrefour Brazil: “From the very beginning of our partnership with TikTok, we began using a ‘test and learn’ approach, which we called the LAB method internally at Carrefour. This allowed us to be agile and make quick adjustments that helped us scale, based on consistent analysis of our creatives. The results spoke for themselves, and the success of this project would not have been possible without essential contributions from the business, brand, and creative teams at TikTok.”


The shift in strategy to prioritize mobile app traffic and work with content creators paid off. In just three months, Carrefour saw a 29% increase in in-app revenue and an 11% uptick in new users. As a channel, TikTok yielded a significantly higher return on investment — 3x higher than the average of other channels with display and video formats. The video ad made by Xurrasco was a particular standout, generating more than 3 million views and a click-through rate (CTR) that exceeded the benchmark by more than 50x. 

Overall, these results far surpassed Carrefour’s initial expectations, proving the importance of being adaptable to change and constantly tweaking your campaign strategy. 

Our partnership with TikTok and AppsFlyer has brought us an agile, data-driven, and results-focused methodology. These factors, along with a strong multidisciplinary team, have proven to be the recipe for success for our mobile campaigns. Going forward, we will continue to evolve and innovate, to bring more creative solutions that will impact our bottom line. I can say with certainty that both TikTok and AppsFlyer will not be missing from our marketing plans

Anderson Hiroito, Growth Coordinator, Carrefour Brazil 
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