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Success Story

Steady maximizes affiliate offerings with AppsFlyer

  • 88%
    Increase in downloads YoY
  • 340%
    Increase in revenue YoY


Launched in 2018, Steady is a powerful platform that helps local communities find jobs, increase their income, and plan for a financially stable future. Not only do they provide their users with free, quality job listings in their area, but they help ensure every hour worked generates as much income as possible. Now hosting over 2 million active members, Steady is a vital resource for part time and gig workers in a time when the job market as been turned upside down. 

Steady’s business model leverages affiliate offerings called income boosters. These are offers and services their users may find beneficial, such as student loan consolidation or low interest banking options. Users are compensated every time they engage with one of Steady’s income boosters. The more income boosters a user engages with, the more valuable that user becomes. 


Optimizing for the highest user engagement possible was the mobile team’s highest priority. To accomplish this, they needed the data insights and tools to understand not only the events in the user journey that led to the highest engagement, but also a way to tie customer LTV back to those events. Only then would they have a full picture of their campaign performance. 

Before Steady could focus on optimizing for engagement and customer LTV they needed a high volume of downloads. To meet their high growth strategy, the team cast a wide net across a diverse array of ad networks. This meant they were maximizing the number of downloads-per-dollar, but they weren’t able to understand their true return on that ad spend (ROAS). 


Accurate, unbiased attribution data from AppsFlyer illuminated the most engaging and valuable events in Steady’s user journey. The team could optimize their ad network ecosystem without fear of paying too much for low quality installs. Most importantly, the team could calculate ROAS and double down on the highest producing and most cost-effective ad networks and affiliate partners. 

Understanding every touchpoint along the user journey provided the team with a single source of truth from which they could make data-driven decisions with confidence. A centralized dashboard and easy to export granular reporting meant the team could see all of their data in one place to easily compare performance at all levels, including channel, ad type, group, and ad unit. With over 8,000 partner integrations at their fingertips, Steady knew that if they wanted to build it, AppsFlyer could support it.


Steady’s lean UA team was able to scale at the rate of a much larger team. Beyond the time saved and the peace of mind knowing their data was accurate, the team realized an 88% increase in downloads and a 340% increase in revenue year over year. 

Looking forward

The Steady team has an exciting 2021 ahead as they continue to grow their martech stack and evolve their UA strategy. First up is looking into incrementality testing as they shift some of their paid budget to remarketing campaigns. Next up is testing TV advertising and out of home campaigns that can be incorporated into their AppsFlyer attribution dashboard. They may work with hybrid channels such as digital billboards as a stepping stone to ultimately become an omnichannel marketing shop. 


AppsFlyer is a key pillar of our marketing tech stack. Their team listens and adapts their solution to meet our specific use case. Their 8,000+ integrated partners were a game changer for us.
Patrick Tang, Senior Growth Manager