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Success Story

Using ROI to Scale Global User Acquisition

  • 400%
    growth in user acquisition
    spend in 6 months
  • OVER 30
    networks and channels
    measured and optimized


Founded in 2014, Huuuge Inc. is a real-time mobile games developer, focused on the fast-growing multi-billion dollar social casino gaming market worldwide. Its flagship app ‘Huuuge Casino’ offers a social gaming experience where players can interact, engage, play and, most importantly, have fun with other players in real time in an attractive free-to-play casino environment. Huuuge’s apps are published across all major mobile gaming stores including the iOS App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store. For more information, visit


Huuuge sought to scale quickly and effectively in the highly competitive social casino gaming market. To meet this ambitious goal, Huuuuge works with a large number of ad networks and user acquisition partners, each with different publisher partners and varying levels of user quality. Huuuge needed the right partner, one that would allow them to add new partners and networks quickly and easily; attribute each install and action; and develop the optimal KPIs for use across campaigns, partners, networks and regions.


Using AppsFlyer’s retention, cohort and in-app event reporting, Huuuge utilized an algorithm to calculate the quality of each network, based on different factors that included retention, average revenue per user (ARPU), number of purchases, engagement and select custom events. This enabled Huuuge to rank traffic partners based on their internal quality score, and ultimately their ROI.

Huuuge’s quality score informed their user acquisition efforts (both costs and operations), allowing them to cooperate intensively with networks that delivered the highest quality installs and improved their bottom-line ROI. By utilizing ROI-based performance marketing, Huuuge was able to understand the value of every dollar spent. This clarity allowed them to increase and scale their user acquisition efforts across over 30 ad networks and channels, and increase monthly acquisition spend by 400% within 6 months. Scaling is critical to Huuuge’s business goals for growth and global reach. As they expand their organic and paid user acquisition initiatives, AppsFlyer remains at the heart of their growth engine.

AppsFlyers' real-time attribution and in-app events allowed us to quickly and easily optimize our user acquisition channels and spend based on our ROI, delivering substantially stronger results in both the scale and quality
of our user base.