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CPA Fraud

What is CPA Fraud?

Fraudsters aiming to take advantage of LTV focused campaigns rewarding publishers for their user’s activity post install, by tracking quality in-app events. Fraudsters will either go along the events manually or program bot scripts to mimic actual user behavior within the app.


How This Works:

Fraudsters will go a long way to either pass their installs as legitimate ones by pretending to be engaged users beyond the install event, or intentionally aim for the bigger rewards often available in CPA based campaigns. Investing significant funds in learning real user behavior patterns via malicious software on other apps or apps they operate themselves, later “teaching” their bots to behave similarly in apps under their attack.


Why AppsFlyer:

Protect360’s machine learning algorithm never stop examining traffic, even after initially labeling it as legit. Post attribution fraud detection allows for blocking of installs initially attributed but later identified as fraud, as well as ones showing suspicious behavior after the install attribution.


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