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Ad Exchange

The Ad Exchange in a Mobile World

Ad exchanges are automated, or programmatic, marketplace platforms for ad network inventory with real-time bidding (RTB) auctions. As the mobile landscape has evolved and grown, buyers and sellers have leveraged ad exchanges to optimize processes and maximize profit-making.

Real-time bidding auctions let advertisers continually and instantaneously bid on ad inventory. When a user visits a web page or in-app page, an ad impression is created. Data from the page is sent to an ad exchange. There, advertisers compete in an auction for each impression. The highest bid wins the impression and the ad is displayed in real time.

Mobile advertisers can gain high-value insight into the effectiveness of ad exchange buys using attribution data. This allows them to constantly improve campaign targeting and ultimately their overall performance.  

Some of the leading exchanges for mobile include Smaato, MoPub, Axonix, DoubleClick, Vdopia, Adxperience, Flurry, MobFox, OpenX, and ONE by AoL.

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