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Click Fraud

What is Mobile Click Fraud?

Click fraud (also known as click spamming) is a class of mobile fraud that encompasses fraudulent or forced click reporting. Common types of click fraud include forced clicks, fraudulent clicks such as bot clicks, click flooding, click injection, click redirectionmislabeled clicks from incentivized campaigns and the misreporting of impressions and video views reported as clicks.

Target: Primarily CPC and CPI campaigns.

  • Real-Time Protection (Prevention)
    Block clicks from IP addresses and DeviceIDs identified as fraudulent. Block clicks from devices known to perpetrate fraud.
  • Click Fraud Detection
    Using a platform like Protect360, look for low click-to-install conversion rates and/or high contributor rates.Sustained install volume over a long period of time indicates click flooding. As a general benchmark, 75% of installs occur during the first hour, and 94% of installs in 24 hours following a click.
    Click Flooding

    Nearly uniform distribution (flat lines) over a number of days indicates click flooding.

    Low conversion rates, long CTIT and high contributor rates all indicated Click Flooding

    To identify click hijacking, use your raw data reports to identify click reports from different networks, just seconds apart.

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