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Twitch’s CMO Doug Scott: Brands are Still Wrapping their Heads Around the Engagement Power of Live Streaming

May 27, 2020


Twitch’s CMO, Doug Scott dives into how he explains the streaming service to non-gamer CMOs, and why he’s so bullish on eSports. Scott also details the huge spikes Twitch has seen since the Covid-19 shelter in place orders and how a broader audience is seeking non-gaming content.



Mike (19s):
Hey guys, this is Mike Shields, and this week on Next in Marketing, I got to talk with Twitch CMO Doug Scott. We discussed how the live streaming platform has exploded since the stay at home lockdowns began. How Twitch is trying to expand its programming beyond gaming and how he explains eSports to old school brand marketers. Let’s get into it. Hi everybody. I’m here today with Doug Scott. Who’s the CMO or Twitch, an Amazon owned platform focused on live video game streaming. Doug, thanks for joining us today.

Doug (48s):
It’s my pleasure. Excited to be here. Yeah.

Mike (50s):
So you’re relatively new CMO, right? Kind of an interesting time to join a big company to take on a new assignment.

Doug (58s):
Yeah, no, that’s that’s for sure. But I’ve, I’ve been in and around the gaming industry for a long time. And so I’ve been, you know, deeply aware and impressed by what Twitch has built over the past decade or so. And so when the opportunity arose for me to come on over to Twitch, about six months ago, I jumped at it. I was really excited about it. So interesting times for sure. But one that’s been nothing but a lot of fun.
Mike (1m 28s):
Okay. So I think I’m going to sum up what I believe a lot of the industry’s knowledge is of Twitch. I think if you’re in the gaming world, you know, really well you’re, if you’re in direct advertising, you probably don’t really well. I wonder if the average CMO thinks they understand, Oh, that’s that huge thing where people watch people play games. I know Amazon owns, I know it’s a big deal. I don’t totally grasp it. How do you, so give me, give us like the Twitch origin story and what made you so excited about it?

Doug (1m 56s):
Well, there’s the Twitch origin story, but then there’s also just, you know, what Twitch is today. And I think that’s really what you know, very differently. Correct. Yeah. I mean, it started out as Justin TV, you know, following Justin around with the camera basically and broadcasting his life on the internet. But what it’s going into is this live interactive streaming service. It’s got content that spans gaming and sports and music cooking. I mean, literally anything that people are interested in can pretty much be live streamed.

Doug (2m 28s):
And w what’s so compelling about that is that at the end of the day, this is an interactive platform. Everybody is a participant to some level, and it’s not just about sitting back and receiving some video. It’s about participating. It’s about asking questions. It’s about commenting. It’s about connecting with other people in chat and what happens as an inevitable result of whenever, really humans start to interact like that as they start to bond and they start to build communities and that creates this tremendously different emotional connection, really to the platform and to the content.

Doug (3m 2s):
And that’s, that’s what really makes Twitch Twitch. And it creates a tremendous opportunity for marketers to become a part of that conversation, to join those communities and to find ways to be relevant and generous within them. And they will be repaid with a lot of, a lot of love.

Mike (3m 18s):
So help people who, who kind of grasp it, but help them picture it or what is Twitch look like? I know it’s broad and there’s, and there’s a million different creators on there. I think people envision somebody watching some crazy, amazing gamer blow through league of legends, but what does it, what does it look like for the, for the, for the naive or the amateur?

Doug (3m 39s):
Yeah. I mean, I can describe a little bit of what it looks like on the screen. There’s a streamer that will begin to stream and we have about 4 million streamers a month on average is sort of what we have at any given time you’ve got about a million and a half viewers on the platform concurrently.

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