What is Mobile Attribution?

Mobile app attribution determines which campaigns, partners and channels delivered each app install. Marketers rely on these insights to measure and optimize their marketing performance for both user acquisition and retargeting campaigns.

Mobile app attribution utilizes a number of advanced technologies including partnerships with leading ad networks, universal deep linking, fingerprinting and properly formatted secure postbacks for data sync back to each media partners or integrated marketing platform. Each of these capabilities must be fully developed and properly deployed in order to work properly. While this may sound complicated, a strong attribution platform will do the hard work for you, so you can focus on your marketing.

Mobile Attribution Vs Web Attribution

Mobile app user attribution is unlike desktop web attribution. On the internet, marketers use tracking pixels and cookies to determine which marketing efforts drove each sign up, engagement or purchase. However, there are no cookies for mobile apps or devices. Reliable mobile app attribution requires the use of a variety of techniques and partnerships to accurately identify each user and attribute each install to the appropriate campaign, partner or channel.

NativeTrack™ - The World’s Most Accurate Attribution Solution

Not all attribution platforms are created equal. AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ proprietary, patent-pending set of heuristic algorithms combines statistical analysis and machine learning along with a blend of attribution technologies to deliver the most accurate, full featured attribution solutions in the world. This multifaceted solution provides real-time data at unparalleled scale, speed and accuracy. With five times the scale of the closest competitor, over six billion dollars in media spend measured, the world’s leading mobile marketers rely on AppsFlyer for their mobile attribution and marketing analytics.

In short, AppsFlyer tells you where every mobile app install came from, in real-time, across every marketing channel and ad network, anywhere in the world.

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