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state of gaming app marketing 2020

The State of Gaming App Marketing: 2020 Insights [Data Study]

Gaming has always been the driving force of the app marketing economy, and in 2020, especially in wake of the coronavirus pandemic, this is more true than ever.

These days, when many parts of the world are in some form of lockdown, Gaming apps have experienced significant uplift in terms of installs, usage, and revenue, filling the growing free time many people now have. 

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On a subcategory level, this overall growth is dominated by several key trends. 

First, we found an increase in the revenue generated by in-app purchases (IAP) in most genres, and especially in Casual Gaming (+51%). While this genre is primarily focused on advertising, we now see that Casual games, along with other subcategories, are more focused on driving additional IAP revenue as they engage more paying users.

This can be compared to the 36% increase in advertising revenue found in Social Casino games, which were historically focused mainly on in-app purchases. As users increase their game and screen time, this genre seems to have seized the opportunity left from reduced advertising activity to get more eyeballs (and therefore revenue) on their ads. 

These trends highlight the fact that across the entire Gaming field, genres have begun to blend monetization strategies as their players begin to shift behaviors. Likewise, given the greater amount of time on users’ hands as people remain at home during quarantine, it appears that there has been an increase in the exploration of different genres, and therefore also different revenue streams depending on the genre. 


Growth Markets by Genre

Continuing their reign above other genres in terms of install and revenue growth, Hyper Casual games have taken regions across the globe by storm. Regardless of their primary focus, a growing number of gaming studios have begun to include Hyper Casual games as they diversify their portfolios. 

Growth is still strongest in the US, exploding an overwhelming 656% between 2019 and 2020 in the number of new installs. Not only is it the largest market for these games, it is also the fastest growing. 

Southeast Asia, Russia, Brazil, and China are also showing promising growth in this genre. 

The heat map below shows the reach of Hyper Casual games in developed and developing markets. It is additionally intended to serve as a guide to marketers wishing to redistribute their UA budgets among more opportunistic markets.


What else is in the report? 

These trends are only the tip of the iceberg. To navigate the ever-growing, ever-competitive Gaming app ecosystem, we’ve compiled our most comprehensive report to date, The State of Gaming App Marketing, April 2020 Edition, which also includes: 

  • Share of non-organic installs by genre
  • Fastest-growing GEOs and top 10 markets by genre
  • Uninstall rates by genre
  • The impact of coronavirus on app usage, installs, consumer spend, and more by genre
  • Year-over-year revenue trends by genre
  • In-app fraud threats
  • And much more! 


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