Indonesia app marketing report 2020: A more digital and mobile country



What’s inside

In Indonesia, this year, the pandemic drove installs to new heights for certain verticals such as Finance, Shopping, Education, Entertainment, and Food & Drink, while diminishing installs for others, such as Transportation.

Keeping new users engaged, returning, and making purchases should be the primary goal of app marketers.

This year offers yet another strong case that remarketing boosts user retention and lifetime value (LTV), despite the fact that we still see clear underutilization of this strategy across a number of categories.

More of these insights and more can be found in AppsFlyer’s first-ever report dedicated to Indonesia which covers user acquisition, install quality, mobile ad fraud insights, and more.

In this report we analyzed:

  • 813 million installs recorded from January to September 2020
  • 16 billion app opens and 460 million re-marketed conversions
  • 8 app categories (Education, Entertainment, Finance, Food & Drink, Gaming, Health & Fitness, Shopping, and Transportation)
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