The state of mobile ad fraud – 2020 edition


What’s inside

Increased awareness of the dangers of mobile ad fraud have led to the development of powerful fraud protection solutions. As a result, fraud rates and financial exposure to fraud are dropping.

However, at $1.6 billion in H1 – 2020 alone, potential losses remain extremely high.

The cat-and-mouse dynamics of fraud suggest an upward trend may very well be coming as fraudsters will undoubtedly come back with newer, and more sophisticated forms of attack.

To fully understand the fraud dynamics during H1 – 2020, The State of Mobile Fraud offers key global and regional trends across North America, APAC, EMEA and Latin America.

This report includes country and vertical specific benchmarks covering:

  • App install fraud rates
  • In-app fraud
  • Post-attribution fraud
  • Distribution of fraud attack methods

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