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Introducing OpenGDPR: The Unified, Open Protocol for GDPR

Karen Cohen Apr 12, 2018

The new Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect in just a few weeks, introducing new data privacy rights for end-users. This regulation states that brands (which under the GPDR are considered controllers of personal data) will need to address user requests for access, portability, and erasure of their data within the required one month timeframe –or risk significant fines.

With the GDPR’s compliance deadline looming, companies could soon be faced with thousands–or even millions–of these user requests. In turn, each request requires that brands/controllers take action across the many systems and providers that process and store their user or customer’s personal data.


Better Together

At AppsFlyer, we understand the complexities of managing user data across marketing technology providers, and with the added GDPR requirements, this will become even more challenging.

To this end, we have partnered with other leading providers; mParticle, Braze and Amplitude, to develop OpenGDPR, the standardized, open protocol that establishes a common framework for GDPR data subject rights compliance. For marketers and developers, OpenGDPR will make data subject request management a more efficient and reliable process due to the increased interoperability across their technology stack. For technology companies and data service providers, OpenGDPR helps streamline controller requests with minimal custom development efforts.

OpenGDPR provides a common specification for marketers and their technology partners to communicate and manage GDPR requests around data subject rights, including but not limited to data access, portability, and erasure. By providing a common framework for scaling GDPR requests across the industry, OpenGDPR will help marketers and businesses continue to scale and grow in a responsible manner.


This is Only the Beginning

OpenGDPR will continue to bring industry-wide standards and best practices to the market over the course of 2018 and beyond. It is our hope that by using a shared, open standard, we can simplify the efforts required to adhere to these new regulations.

Join the movement and help keep our industry growing, legally compliant and respectful of user privacy rights.

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