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Google Privacy Sandbox is changing the face of measurement & marketing on Android and beyond. It’s quickly gearing up to be the next big thing to hit the ecosystem. Scroll down to get the lowdown on everything you need to know

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Explore our new Privacy Sandbox Hub for the latest on privacy-centric measurement as we gear up for the upcoming release of Privacy Sandbox in the next year. Stay tuned for updates on innovative solutions like the Protected Audiences API.

Introducing Privacy Sandbox

Learn about the key principles of an effective privacy solution and how they are implemented in the Privacy Sandbox. Discover the lessons learned from iOS 14 and how they inform our approach in this new era.

Fireside chat: Google Privacy Sandbox on Android

Discover the goals shaping Google Privacy Sandbox, the role of generative AI in upcoming privacy initiatives, and the interconnected future of privacy on Chrome and Android as we navigate forward.

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The Attribution API offers aggregate insights on user journeys in near-real time. While you will no longer get user-level data, you will have an understanding of campaign performance and aggregate user behavior.

Is the Attribution API the equivalent of SKAN for Android?

Yes and no. While these two solutions share similarities, they are very different in how comprehensive they are.

On-device attribution.
Attribution data is limited and not infinite.

Within Sandbox, the MMP is the only one that can determine cross-network last-click attribution. This is true for both the event-level reports and the aggregated reports.
Sandbox’s aggregated data report has a very high level of granularity in both campaign LTV and campaign breakdown. This includes the campaign name, date, adset, geo and creatives.

Sandbox’s event-level attribution enables ad networks to receive up to 8 types of events for signals and optimization purposes and get up to 3 postbacks for each user. As this solution currently stands, event-level reports are most impactful for ad networks to use for optimization, and are less insightful for marketers.

Remarketing and audience segmentation

The Protected Audiences API is an on-device, privacy-centric audience management and advertising solution. Essentially, the Protected Audiences API is a solution for remarketing without the use of GAID.

SDK Runtime

SDK Runtime is an Android platform capability that allows third-party SDKs to run in a dedicated isolated environment. This provides stronger safeguards and more guarantees around limiting user data collection and sharing.
SDK Runtime is expected to be introduced as an update to Android 13 and the full rollout is expected as part of Android 14 (the end of 2023 and during 2024)


Topics are Google’s solution for targeting without GAID. Users are added to interest groups (or “Topics”) based on their activity on the OS.

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