OneLink provides mobile app marketers with a single, powerful link ideal for your marketing and customer engagement. Like all AppsFlyer products, all OneLink engagement tools and capabilities are included at no additional cost. The only cost to you is our standard, pay once-per-attributed install fee.

Whether you’re looking to measure and improve your customer acquisition or your customer engagement, OneLink is the ideal platform for all of your mobile deep linking needs, across every app platform. OneLink is seamlessly integrated with our industry-leading mobile attribution and marketing analytics, so you can measure and improve your paid, owned and earned marketing in real time.

Each OneLink deep link contains six powerful capabilities:


Device Detection Sends Each User to The Right Destination

When a user clicks on a OneLink mobile deep link, the link detects the device it is on and sends the user to the appropriate destination for their device. For example, an Android user can be sent to the Google Play store, an iPhone user to The App Store and an iPad user to their website while desktop users will be sent to a unique promotional landing page. Send every user to the right destination to improve your conversion rates and user experience.


App Install Detection For The Perfect User Experience

OneLink’s app deep links detects whether the user’s device has your specific app installed. Users who don’t have your app installed will be sent to the right app store or out-of-store page. Users who already have your app installed will see the app open. No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, every time.


Contextual Delivery For Powerful Conversions (e.g. Custom Onboarding)

When users open your app — either through an install or directly from OneLink click —  OneLink’s deferred mobile deep linking capabilities will open to the right state within the app. For example, a user who clicked on a link for a sale can be brought to that sale page. Alternatively, a user who was sent to the app store can be greeted with a custom onboarding that reflects the original Call To Action or advertisement. This is an incredible way to improve your user engagement and conversion rates.

Contextual delivery leverages a special configuration parameter we call Get Conversion Data. When configured within your app, the Get Conversion parameter passes all of the click data including your own customer parameters back to the app.


Simple Setup - Powerful Features

OneLink was built for every possible use case, delivering the latest, cutting edge technology in a user-friendly wrapper. Everyday marketers love OneLink’s simple and clear setup, while advanced developers enjoy full access to the deepest configurable details. But that’s not all. Our unique setup allows you to use OneLink without adding any code to your site. Just turn it on, and go.


The Flexibility You Need - Short URLs, QR Codes, Custom Branding and More!

Every OneLink is fully configurable. From domain branding (use your own branded domain) to short URLs for sharing on Twitter, OneLink is built to deliver. OneLink will also automatically generate a unique, trackable QR code for use in your print, retail and out-of-home media.


Universal Accessibility and Compatibility - Universal Links

As a universal link, OneLink works across every single platform, app and environment, perfectly and seamlessly. Unlike other universal mobile deep linking platforms, OneLink works with the latest iOS, Windows and Android builds, without any custom configurations or interstitial pages. Tested and proven in over 6,000 unique environments, whether it’s a link in Gmail or clicking the image on a Facebook post, every OneLink link works perfectly, every time.

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