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Reliable deep links built for return on experienceAppsFlyer’s deep linking technology helps brands create better user journeys across every digital touchpoint increasing installs, revenue, and LTV.

Deep Links to Power Any Use Case

  • Web-to-App Use Case for OneLink by AppsFlyer


  • Email Use Case for OneLink by AppsFlyer


  • Social Media Use Case for OneLink by AppsFlyer


  • SMS/Push Use Case for OneLink by AppsFlyer


  • Referrals Use Case for OneLink by AppsFlyer


Create Frictionless Web-to-App Journeys

Your customers often begin their journeys on mobile web where they discover your brand and the potential value of your app.

And mobile web is becoming increasingly important as a growth channel, especially with savvy users that need motivation to install and use an app. By directing high-intent organic traffic to your website, you can educate and engage potential users. You can also combine first-party data with OneLink-powered Smart Banners and content to drive growth through personalized and contextualized web-to-app experiences.

Streamline Email-to-App Experiences

Email continues to play a pivotal role in marketing. But because ESPs “wrap” their links as part of their attribution integration, they often break, resulting in frustrated customers and lost business.  

Enter OneLink, which works its magic to “unwrap” ESP-wrapped links, without losing attribution and contextual data. OneLink enables marketers to route users to the optimal destination – landing page, app store, contextual in-app experience – on any OS, channel, and platform, ensuring a smooth experience and an end to broken links.

Integrated with your favorite ESPs:

Email service providers integrations with AppsFlyer

Drive Organic Growth from
Social Media

Tap into the power of deep linking to deliver a smooth customer experience while measuring engagement, installs, and loyalty attributable to your social media posts, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram, or Snapchat.

You can even run promotions that incentivize your fans and followers based on how many downloads they can drive. With OneLink deep linking, every click and every action is always measurable.

Powerful Short Deep Links for
SMS and Push Notifications

Engage your customers with discounts, limited-time offers, and other incentives via SMS marketing and push notifications. But be advised: when crafting messages, every character counts and compact URLs are a must.

OneLink enables marketers to dynamically create short links for use in SMS and push marketing. When users click the deep link, they are directed to the optimal destination – to the app store if they don’t have the app, and to the app if they do. And of course, every new install will be attributed to the right message, channel, and campaign.

Unleash the Power of

Every marketer knows that word-of-mouth referrals are one of the most effective and potent ways to create virality and generate acquisition. With AppsFlyer User Invites, hacking word-of-mouth is a cinch.

Existing users wishing to “share” or “invite a friend” are prompted to select the channel for spreading the word: SMS, email, social, etc. After the user chooses the channel, a deep link is automatically generated for easy sharing. Once the invite is sent, you can measure user behavior and optimize future marketing efforts by understanding which users are most likely to invite friends, their preferred channels, and more.

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OneLink and You’re Covered

Acquire. Retain. Engage. Convert.

How deep linking works - full flow How deep linking works contextually - AppsFlyer

Deploy Any Use Case

Simplify growth and acquisition with one link that works on every channel and platform.

Capitalize on Your Assets

Maximize ROI on owned, paid, and earned media by ensuring seamless customer journeys.

Personalize Onboarding

Delight users with contextual experiences powered by rich user data contained in our deep links.

Optimize Conversions

Create frictionless user experiences that spur higher intent and lift your bottom line.

OneLink Customers Show Higher ROI


Conversion Rate

Frictionless experiences lead to dramatically higher conversion


In-App Purchases

Users that click on deep links buy more frequently


User Retention

Contextual delivery keeps users coming back for more

Universal Accessibility and Compatibility for Simplicity

OneLink works seamlessly across every single platform, app, and environment.  Unlike other universal mobile deep linking platforms, OneLink works with the latest iOS and Android builds, without any custom configurations or interstitial pages.

Whether it’s a link in an email or in a Facebook post, you can count on OneLink to work perfectly every time.

App Install Detection for Seamless User Experience

OneLink detects whether a user has already installed your app. Using deferred deep linking, this incredibly powerful single link will send new users to the appropriate app store first; then it will direct users to the correct destination after the app is installed. 

If a user has already installed your app, the link will open the right page directly in the app.

Contextual Delivery For Powerful Conversions

AppsFlyer deep links contain rich information about users and their location within the customer journey: what campaign they came from, who referred them, what content they saw when clicking on the link, and more. This rich contextual information eliminates journey friction, delivering a relevant experience when the app is opened.

For brands selling products or services in their apps, any additional step between users and their intended goal translates into lower conversion rates. OneLink removes extraneous steps and drives users directly to the in-app point of sale — even after install.

New Features Powered by OneLink by AppsFlyer logo small

Create Trust and Smooth Journeys with Branded Links

Branded deep links take your campaigns to the next level by ensuring trust that comes from keeping your brand at the center.

Getting started is simple. In just a few clicks, you can change your links from to

OneLink by AppsFlyer new feature banner

New Features Powered by OneLink by AppsFlyer logo small

Streamline Social Media-to-App Journeys

It’s a known issue: deep links in social media often break, leading to friction, customer frustration, and abandonment.

With AppsFlyer’s Landing Pages, you’re just clicks away from designing engaging content that ensures smooth social media-to-app paths for your users.

New Product Feature for OneLink Landing Page

New Features Powered by OneLink Deep Linking Logo Small

Turn Web Visitors into Loyal App Users with Smart Banners

Create a powerful trigger point along the customer journey by converting web users into loyal, highly- engaged app users.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Enter your Dashboard, select a template, customize your design, add your deep link logic and set it live!

OneLink by AppsFlyer new feature banner

No wasted clicks, just the perfect conversion path, every time.

Learn how Apartment List uses OneLink to create frictionless web-to-app experiences.

Apartment List logo_case study- AppsFlyer

OneLink deep linking technology is one of the most powerful tools in Letgo’s marketing toolbox. In just one year, we boosted the number of app installs coming from our website by an amazing 40X.

Adrian Sarasa, User Acquisition Director

We just love OneLink. It’s a smart link that drives users to the best destination depending on the device and channel.
One link to rule them all. 

Kiko Gámez Martínez, Growth Marketing Director at Telefonica

With OneLink we were finally able to unleash our owned media campaigns to their full potential.

Thiago Monteiro, Head of Mobile

With the support of AppsFlyer and OneLink, we were able to significantly decrease our CPIs by creating the perfect web-to-app experience.

Christopher Chee, Senior Manager, Performance Marketing

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