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3 Ways to Attribute & Measure App Install Campaigns [Cheat Sheet]

1. Google Play Referrer

Google Play attribution method in which the attribution provider can send measurement parameters to the store, which then passes them back to the source when the app is downloaded

referral process google play referrer


Highly reliable and accurateDoes not work with Android out-of-store and iOS
Always available, as measurement provider only depends on itself to create match 


2. ID Matching

Highly accurate method to measure installs using Apple’s IDFA for iOS and Google’s Advertising ID (GAID) for Android

Google Advertising ID for install measurement IDFA for install measurement

Highly reliable and accurateDoes not work on mobile web
 Not always available – requires user’s consent and network to support and pass it to the measurement provider


3. Fingerprinting

Method that uses publicly available parameters like device name, device type, OD version, IP address, carrier, to name just a few, to form a digital fingerprint ID that matches specific device attributes

fingerprinting for install measurement

Pros: Cons:
Fallback method if, for any reason, there are no deterministic identifiers like the IDFA, GAID, or ReferrerBased on a statistical model and therefore not as accurate as the other methods above; accuracy rate varies, but in general is spot on only in the short term (~24 hours)