Deep linking

Deep linking is technology used by marketers to direct users to specific content inside of a website or app.

Connecting the mobile ecosystem and optimizing the user experience

Deep linking is a marketing method used in user acquisition or remarketing campaigns to lead mobile users directly to a specific page on a website or inside an app (e.g. special offer landing page, signup page, etc.).

A mobile deep link contains all the information needed to take a user directly to a particular location within an app, instead of just launching the app’s homepage offering a consistent, contextual experience from the promotion to the in-app landing page.

As a result, deep linking dramatically improves the user experience and ultimately helps boost conversion rates.

Deep links are used to drive customers to product pages, execute paid campaigns on Facebook, route users to an app store from web and email, and communicate important offers and deals in an app.

Deep linking and attribution

Deep links have a storied history as an essential element of mobile attribution.

In early 2015, the term and its associated technology barely made sense to even the most savvy technical marketer.

Today, it’s a ubiquitous piece of every marketer’s jargon and attribution stack.


Deep linking 101: Everything you need to know

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