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Mobile Attribution

Understand Where to Invest Your Marketing Budget

Mobile [install] attribution is a method for determining which campaigns, media partners and channels delivered specific app installs. Mobile app marketers rely on these insights to measure and optimize their user acquisition campaigns and marketing performance.

A number of advanced technologies are involved in mobile attribution such as universal deep linking, fingerprinting and properly formatted secure postbacks for data sync back to media sources or integrated marketing platforms. Each of these technologies must be fully developed and properly deployed in order to work effectively.

Attribution providers are broken down into two categories: biased and unbiased. Biased attribution providers include in their business model the selling of data or buying and selling of mobile ad media. This can create a potential for conflicts of interest and impartial business practices.

Unbiased attribution providers focus exclusively on attribution as their core business, ensuring impartiality and independence as a reliable third party. They are trusted to measure and report on campaign performance and settle any reporting discrepancies by players on both the buy and sell sides of mobile advertising.

Providing attribution data as a service relies heavily on a foundation of trust the attribution provider builds with its customers and partners. When this trust is violated, the attribution provider’s products and services can no longer be perceived as reliable. It is extremely difficult for an attribution provider to recover from such a problem.

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