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Chapter 3

Attribution & Deep Linking Tech


The trouble with attribution and deep linking is that there are so many different names for the same thing. Equally important, often marketers think in terms of user experience, but the technical delivery mechanism of that experience is lost. And especially relevant is even with the word “deep linking” – which marketers often interpret as driving somebody to a particular spot in the app, but as of the writing of this document, can be extremely nuanced. Did they mean a URI scheme? An Apple Universal Link? A chrome intent? An Android App Link?

These are all deep links by definition, they all drive the person to the right spot in the app in certain contexts. With this in mind, let’s review some of the most common deep linking and attribution taxonomy. You can and should use this when speaking with your team and across members of product, engineering and marketing.

A Chrome Intent is an Android-only deep linking mechanism that lets users launch the app from a webpage. Documentation on how it works can be found here.

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