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State of Attribution and Deep Linking Today

Most people don’t think about Attribution and Deep Linking in the right way today.

Legacy tools like Kochava and Tune that have fallen behind on attribution, and have given the process and technical nuances a bad rap. Newcomers only think about UX and neglect the technical intricacies of attribution, API accessibility, partnership integrations, privacy, security, and robust technical support in both integration and tool usage. Most infuriating, sales teams across the ecosystem confuse marketers by spinning tales about how Attribution and Deep Linking are related when it suits them, and not related when it doesn’t.

The reality is that Attribution and Deep Linking go hand in hand, and you don’t need two vendors to do the same thing.

World class attribution with all the major providers are table stakes. If you can’t attribute your campaigns effectively across every known touchpoint, it doesn’t matter whether you can take a user to a specific spot in the app. As a technical product manager, marketer or engineer, your focus should not be on ephemeral sales pitches, touting things like “optimized user flow” or “flawless user experiences”. It should be on creating a world-class technical implementation, knowing that compelling UX starts and stops with proper tool setup and usage. In today’s world, compelling UX means handling every OS, OS version, app version, browser and transition experience. There are millions of edge cases which all contribute to the collective experience.

The purpose of this guide is to help a technically savvy audience get it right when it comes to Attribution & Deep Linking and to learn and leverage some of the most advanced topics surrounding the space.

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