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Multi-Touch Attribution

Digging Deeper Into the User Journey

Multi-touch attribution is a method for identifying various touch points along a user journey that lead to a conversion, whether it’s an install or purchase. Multi-touch attribution can be single-channel (across one device) or omni-channel across different devices (e.g., mobile, desktop, TV) or even offline.

This method, when also referred to as fractional attribution, alludes to weighted credit given to media sources that indirectly contributed to the conversion. Fractional attribution is considered the future of attribution. Even media sources that touched users along the way (after the first touch and before the last touch) will receive some fraction of the payment.

Today, these touch points are looked at by advertisers and attribution providers as “assists.” Assists reveal more of the actual story about how and why a user converted and play a major role in future budget allocation decisions.

With a wider perspective on the user journey, app marketers can budget more effectively and realistically for each point (i.e., media source) that contributed to an install.

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