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Bridging Mobile Attribution and Marketing Automation

Connecting Mobile Attribution and Marketing Automation

Mobile marketing automation is a strong and growing industry. App marketers rely on a mobile app marketing automation provider’s unique capabilities including push and in-app messaging, email marketing, personalization, user flow management, A/B testing, localization and user segmentation to improve their user retention, social growth and app performance.

AppsFlyer’s deep, pre-configured integrations with nearly every platform in this space, including Leanplum, Appboy, Kahuna, MixPanel, CleverTap, UrbanAirship, Swrve, IBM Marketing Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud make syncing your mobile attribution a snap. Detailed, step-by-step guides make it easy to get started with any partner in just minutes, allowing marketers to easily sync their mobile attribution and rich-in-app events. These insights improve marketing automation performance and unlock another level of insight into user engagement.

By combining user-level attribution data with marketing automation platforms, marketers can boost their marketing automation, improving their user retention and revenues, user-engagement and more. Here are a few examples of how marketers are use AppsFlyer’s attribution data to improve their Marketing Automation:

  • A/B Testing User that come from paid media campaigns often engage differently from those that come from organic or owned media campaigns. Targeting A/B testing based on the attribution source often yields highly effective insights, especially within the first 30 days following the user’s install.
  • Personalized Messaging, Onboarding and More
    By passing the full attribution postback through to Marketing Automation platforms (including the Get Conversion data) marketers can personalize their new user onboarding experience as well as their overall user engagement based on the message or search keyword that drove the install.
  • Use The Optimal Creative Format For Each User
    Users who installed after seeing a video ad are often more likely to engage with video content, or be driven to take in-app action (e.g. purchases) after viewing a promotional video. Synchronizing attribution data with your marketing automation platform makes this level of targeting possible.
  • Time-of-Day Optimization
    Sending the right in-app message, offer or push message to the right user at the right time will dramatically improve your conversion rates. The first signal of what time of day and day of the week your new users will be conducive to promotional messages, are the time of day and day of the week when the original click and install occurred.
  • Boost Social Referrals
    With attribution insights baked into your marketing automation, you can always show the right social sharing and social referral options to the right customer. For example, target users who clicked on Tweets measured by OneLink with Share via Twitter CTAs. You can even target users who came from Facebook ad campaigns with Login with Facebook. Attribution data provides a powerful signal that can dramatically improve your mobile app performance. All you need, is to enable this integration and set your data free.
  • Ad Targeting
    Your ad targeting contains valuable personalization signals. For example, users who arrive from campaigns targeting male 18-24 year old’s in North America can be shown in-app content and messages that would be of interest to this population. Similarly, users that arrive from ads targeting a specific lifestyle verticals can be shown related content and offers.

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with the industry’s leading mobile marketing automation platforms are part of our ongoing commitment to help marketers unlock the potential of their mobile attribution data. To learn more about the other ways AppsFlyer helps marketers use their mobile data to unlock the entire ecosystem, check out Unlock an Ecosystem page.

Work With Best-In-Breed Providers

Over the past few years, others in this space have chosen to develop their own jack-of-all-trades solutions, bundling some marketing automation features into their attribution platforms.  At AppsFlyer, we believe that marketers should have the flexibility to work with best-in-breed solutions. Why settle for all-in-ones but master-of-none, when you can easily synchronize your data with the best? This is why we have invested in full-featured integrations with nearly every mobile marketing automation provider in the world.

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