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Multi-Touch Attribution for App Marketers

Last Click Attribution Versus Multi-Touch Versus Fractional Attributions

The mobile advertising ecosystem is driven by the last click attribution model. In a last click attribution model, the media source to deliver the final click receives all of the credit for the install. While last click attribution has allowed the industry to scale via a shared standard, this attribution model does not adequately recognize the value of ads that a user viewed or interacted with earlier in their journey.

Though most media sources bill based on last click attribution, many marketers gain incredible insights from engagement data early in the funnel. Knowing which media sources “touched” the user before the last click is a must-have piece of information in the mobile app analytics pie. Most marketers look at their entire customer journey or funnel, and app marketers are no different.

AppsFlyer’s Multi-Touch Reporting

At AppsFlyer, we recognize clicks or views earlier in the funnel as assists. Just like in sports, without the right assists, scoring goals/baskets would be extremely difficult. But when the right message is presented at the right time, users are driven down the funnel until they are ready to take action. Knowing which media sources influenced users and eventually led them to install an app is invaluable and often plays a major role in future budget allocation decisions.

For example, consider a scenario in which a media source was credited for driving 1,000 high quality assists and 2,500 last click installs. It is obvious that its value far exceeds 2,500 installs because of the role it played assisting another 1,000 high quality installs. These additional 1,000 high quality assists will inform the advertiser’s budget allocations for this media source moving forward.

At AppsFlyer, we attribute up to three assisted installs in addition to the attributed install source, using the same attribution window logic. Data on assisted installs can be found in the dashboard as well as raw data reports. Multi-touch reporting includes multi-channel attribution when assisting channels are measured and attributed via AppsFlyer’s built-in integrations or OneLink universal deep links.

The following illustration describes a typical app install user journey