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Cohort and Retention Reports enable marketers to determine how specific segments of users (cohorts) behave over time. These fundamental analyses provide insights into performance metrics and KPIs.

Cohort Reports

Comparing apples to apples

A cohort is a subgroup of users that share a common characteristic. Cohort reports allow users to apply dimensions, filters and groupings to compare user behavior and performance. By grouping and applying the right filters, marketers can compare “apples to apples”. Marketers use cohort reports to uncover the common indicators of success (e.g. geography, campaign, user engagement), to determine which cohorts are under-performing and where corrective action such as campaign optimization or user re-engagement is needed.

Never worked with cohort analysis before? Need a quick refresher?

Slice and dice your data to make actionable, real-time decisions

Apply filters, dimensions and groupings to get the clearest view, enabling you to analyze and optimize as action unfolds. Clear the noise around your data to hone in on hourly, daily, weekly or monthly dimensions.

Visualize KPIs to discover hidden trends in user behavior

Sometimes we don’t see things until they’re right in front of us. Choose between tabular and graphic view of your data to uncover hidden patterns in user behavior and engagement.

Flexible Grouping

Examine trends specific to users who engaged with your app via the same ad, campaign, media source, country, and much more.

Holistic Performance View

Get insights on user acquisition campaigns and retargeting campaigns. Examine data on an app-level or account-level at once.

Measure all KPIs

Choose from the industry’s largest selection of filters and dimensions to tease out specific information.

Retention Reports

Keep users coming back for more

User retention is one of most important KPIs mobile marketers obsess over – and for good reason. It costs far more to attract a new user than it does to maintain an active one. User retention is of particular importance in highly active or addictive app verticals, such as gaming. Mobile app marketers, product managers and investors typically analyze user retention on Day 1, 7 and 30 post-install to gain valuable insight. 


2019 App Retention Benchmarks [Data Study]

How does your app’s retention health compare to other apps in your vertical? Which markets are the most challenging for creating loyal users?

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Dive deeper with dynamic retention filters

Gain remarkable insight into potential retention criteria including media source, campaign, ad set, country, city, Apple or Google keywords, WiFi state,  app version, OS version, device brand and more. Discover the segments that have the strongest retention, and which outliers warrant further investigation and optimization. Fine tune your campaigns to drive higher ROI and LTV.

Learn retention insights from the experts

Ira Krachanovskaya, Head of Growth Marketing at Badoo, discusses the challenges of standard event optimization with ad networks.  She then offers 10 practical steps for getting started with activity score and optimizing all metrics which are important to your marketing goals.

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