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Predictive Modeling for App Marketers: The Complete Guide

In 2019, it is a given that marketers must be data-driven. It is also obvious that gaining a competitive edge in a hyper competitive space requires a deep dive into data. But what does this mean? What separates the savviest marketers out there from the crowd?

There are multiple answers to this question, but one key element is whether predictive modeling is applied to inform decision-making. It is one thing to measure events, monitor performance over an extended period of time, and optimize; it is another thing to analyze a massive amount of data, develop predictive models, and then apply those models to make decisions early on in a campaign.

In this guide — a collaboration between AppsFlyer, digital marketing agency AppAgent, and mobile marketing consultancy Incipia — we will explore how data-driven marketers can take their data skills to the next level by using predictive modeling to gain that coveted competitive edge.

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