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The Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Fraud: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile ad fraud has been the hottest topic in the mobile advertising industry in 2017, and rightfully (or unfortunately) so. As marketing budgets increasingly shift to mobile, fraudsters have been drawn-in, hoping to snatch a piece of the pie. Just as mobile has rapidly evolved on all fronts, so has mobile ad fraud and the battle against it, which has developed into a sophisticated, fast-paced game of cat-and-mouse. 

The Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Fraud: Everything You Need to Know is the most comprehensive source on the subject matter – a collection of vast knowledge and first-hand experience from an attribution and measurement provider’s viewpoint, including:

  • The evolution of mobile ad fraud
  • Basic methods used to perpetrate fraud, and how to protect against it
  • New and sophisticated methods of fraud developed to game attribution platforms, and why they are particularly dangerous 
    • Click flooding
    • Install hijacking
    • Click hijacking
    • Limit Ad Tracking exploitation
    • Device ID reset marathons 
  • The next generation of total fraud protection, driven by scale and machine learning 

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