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Black Friday Beats Cyber Monday for Mobile Shopping

Shani Rosenfelder Dec 02, 2015

When it comes to shopping on mobile apps, Black Friday saw significantly more activity than Cyber Monday. According to our study of more than 50 mobile shopping apps, which included data from more than 4 million consumers worldwide, these apps generated 45% more revenue during this year’s Black Friday than they did during Cyber Monday.

mobile revenue overall

As seen in the charts below, in-app sessions were also up on Black Friday over Cyber Monday, to the tune of 25% higher. And Black Friday also saw 32% more installs of mobile shopping apps than Cyber Monday, all of which shows that shoppers were far more inclined to use their mobile devices to shop on Black Friday than they were on Cyber Monday.

mobile installs overall

mobile sessions overall

Comparing Black Friday to other Fridays in November, in-app revenue was up 240%, while in-app sessions were up 51% and installs were up 59%.

When we analyze the data by platform and compare Android to iOS, the differences between Black Friday and Cyber Monday were more noticeable on Android than iOS. Android in-app revenue was up 58% on Black Friday over Cyber Monday, while revenue on iOS was up “only” 42%. Similarly, sessions were up on Android by 52% compared to just 15% for iOS, and installs were up 45% and 26% on Android and iOS, respectively.

According to Adobe, mobile devices accounted for $1.5 billion of the overall $4.45 billion in US online purchases during Black Friday and Thanksgiving, with Black Friday online sales up 14% from a year ago. Meanwhile, according to IBM Watson Trend, mobile traffic accounted for nearly half of all online traffic on Cyber Monday and 27.6% of all online sales Monday, up more than 25% from last year.

All the data shows that mobile is an increasingly important part of the online retail mix, but according to our data, Black Friday is by far a busier day for mobile shoppers than Cyber Monday.