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End-to-end Production in Clojure

Adi Shacham-Shavit Feb 16, 2015

On on January 26, AppsFlyer had the pleasure of  hosting the JavaIL  MeetUp regarding “End-to-end Production in Clojure”. The Java.IL group is the Israeli Java Community and user group for Java developers (or any other JVM language). Under the “any other JVM language,” we had a chance to present our usage of Clojure.

We have been working with Clojure in production for about a year and half. This was our chance to share this experience with professionals who might have heard about Clojure but have no idea how it can help them write production-grade systems quickly and easily. During this MeetUp, Nir Rubinstein gave a short introduction to Clojure, described the use cases where Clojure is the best tool for the job, explained how Clojure is used by AppsFlyer in production (end-to-end) and wrapped up with the pro and cons (pitfalls).

Functional programming seems to be on everyone’s lips currently. Most Java programmers who try to embrace this new paradigm choose Scala, but still write OOP code. In his presentation, Nir demonstrated how Clojure really embraces every aspect of functional programming, while staying accessible and flexible to tackle real world problems.  Clojure helps us tackle complicated and challenging issues but with short concise code.

Participants walked away with the following:

  • Knowledge and understanding of what is Clojure
  • The reason why people choose functional programming to write production grade code
  • The pitfalls in taking this development route

Here’s the presentation, and you can watch the complete video here (in Hebrew).