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Introducing Pivot, The Next Generation of Deep Marketing Analysis

Jon Burg Mar 24, 2017

While marketing analytics have come a long way, marketers still rely on desktop software from the 1990s to do much of their analysis. Though many marketing analytics platforms provide fast access to data and basic analysis capabilities, today’s marketers struggle to answer more complex questions.

Pivot by AppsFlyer is the first of a new generation of marketing analysis tools, providing marketers with unparalleled deep analysis capabilities, remarkable speed and ease of use. With Pivot, marketers can answer their most complicated questions right from the AppsFlyer dashboard, without needing to open a spreadsheet or call a data scientist.

The Need for Pivot

At AppsFlyer, we work closely with leading voices in the industry to set industry standards and address emerging issues. The idea for Pivot started with a conversation with James Peng, Head of Mobile & Social Acquisition at Match Group. James presented our team with a compelling challenge: build a report that will replace his team’s reliance on offline Excel pivot tables and custom reporting by data scientists for deep marketing analysis. This platform had to be powerful enough to ingest a hundred thousand rows of aggregate performance data, intuitive enough for everyday use by his marketing team and faster than his current solutions.

After months of hard work and development, dozens of interviews with marketers around the world and extensive beta testing and refinement, we are proud to introduce Pivot by AppsFlyer, the world’s most advanced mobile marketing analysis reporting interface.

Building Pivot

To make Pivot a reality, we started by building an all new data infrastructure that would support instant, multi-dimensional analyses. This new data infrastructure was paired with an intuitive, fresh front-end designed for marketers accustomed to working with offline pivot tables. After substantial customer beta testing and product refinement, the customer feedback told us that we had reached our goal and were ready for launch.

Marketer Feedback

Over the last few months of beta testing, we have received invaluable insights from top-tier marketers. We would like to share the insights we gained during these interviews.

With remarkable consistency, the first feedback we received from marketers beta testing Pivot was its speed and ease of use. Drag and drop any element to change the report on the fly. All tables and computations update instantaneously, even on reports with 100,000 rows of aggregated data. This feedback was fantastic, but to be honest, we didn’t set out to create eye candy.

The KPI that told us that Pivot was ready for release, was the impact Pivot delivered to the beta testers. And this is where the value of Pivot became really clear.

Here are some actual quotes from marketers who participated in the beta:

  • Media Cost Analysis
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    “Understanding media spend and connecting it with performance at the macro level – across apps and campaigns – has always been a pain. With Pivot, I can easily create the Pivot I want, grouped and sorted by campaign, partner and app, so we can benchmark our ROI and allocate budgets accordingly. Adding and tweaking my saved Pivot Reports couldn’t be easier.”


  • Deep Campaign Analysis
    Deep Campaign Analysis (1)
    “My team built custom funnels, tracking everything from impressions to clicks, installs, conversion rate, specified in-app events, revenue, ROI, uninstall and uninstalls rate per day, broken down by media source, campaign, and specific ad. We then set up specific filters, so we can easily filter by GEO to understand our campaign performance. This took less than a minute to set up and provides our team with quick access to micro and macro performance insights across multiple KPIs. This is amazing.”


  • Activity + Retention Insights
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    We always debate the optimal balance activity vs. retention as a KPI for user acquisition and re-engagement campaigns. Using Pivot, it’s easy to understand activity and retention across campaigns and media sources in a single table, measuring revenue by new vs. existing users. We now know which markets are over-saturated with paid media (increased spend correlates with declining ROI), and where we should be reallocating investment to find stronger returns.”


  • Collaborating with Pivot
    My (marketing) team is diving deeper into the data and collaborating far better. By sharing, cloning and customizing Pivot reports across the team, we are breaking down operational silos and finding new ways improve every element of our performance.”

To quote James’ most recent feedback on this project, “Since I first joined this industry, one of my biggest challenges has been ingesting, standardizing, and aligning front-end and back-end data for the purpose of making major spend optimizations and decisions. This process was manual and self-defeating, as we would need to repeat the process almost as quickly as it was done. I need the ability to review results, make decisions, and quickly act on them at the genesis of the data itself, which is why Pivot is so powerful. The ability to incorporate our most critical KPIs off of live, custom metrics is immensely valuable to my decision making flow.”

Pivot by AppsFlyer is now available as a premium feature to AppsFlyer customers. To learn more about Pivot please contact your AppsFlyer representative or schedule a demo today.