eMarketer 2015 Ad Spend Projections

Florence BroderApril 1, 2015 3 minutes READ
eMarketer (2)

Where are you putting your advertising dollars these days? Overall, we are watching ad budgets shifting from desktop to mobile. There are many companies that still haven’t made the leap, but it will be interesting to see which of them are going to adapt in the coming year. For those companies that have already transitioned to mobile, it’s important to monitor spending trends. Last week eMarketer released their latest forecasts CONTINUE READING

Product Release: New SDKs for Android and iOS

Matan TesslerMarch 31, 2015 1 minute READ
New SDKs

We just took our SDK up a notch! We’re proud to announce the latest release of our SDK for iOS v2.5.3.14 and Android v2.3.1.17. Take a closer look to see what’s new inside. Rich In-App Events We’re always thinking up ways to improve the quality of your data and to track it better. That’s exactly what these SDKs are all about. Both SDKs give you access to rich in-app events CONTINUE READING


Jane HouMarch 30, 2015 0 minutes Less than a minute READ

任何交易,买卖双方最忌讳的就是作假行为,在移动广告行业也不例外。尤其,这 两年面对大量的广告预算流入移动端,各个广告主也必须开始扛起”打假“的使命。

来自数字营销安全公司White Ops的一项报告指出,网络广告作假的总量已经达到 63亿美金。流量贩子, 恶意扣量和流量”专家”(见下图)这些在互联网行业的恶性案例 都为移动端广告生态链提供了成长的黑色土壤。虽然,对于移动端的作假行为还没有 确切的统计,但是这个数字也会在10亿美金的数量级。如果不引起重视,不采取行动,那这个现象会给移动广告主带来巨大挑战。 CONTINUE READING

The Value of Your Users’ Social Connections

Florence BroderMarch 30, 2015 4 minutes READ
Social Value

It’s no secret that we live in a social world. Think about your users: They’re constantly sharing. If you have social sign-in or other social sharing options in your apps, you know how true this is. There’s a lot of discussion around social connections in online communities. After all, by 2016, it’s estimated that there will be more than 185 million Americans on social platforms. As a gamer and a CONTINUE READING

How AppsFlyer Created the R&D Dream Team, Part 2

Adi Shacham-ShavitMarch 29, 2015 4 minutes READ
R&DDreamTeam (2)

In my last post on building our R&D dream team, I spoke a lot about training. However, training without a culture that creates a safe learning space just won’t succeed. A culture of learning and education must permeate the team and must be embraced by one and all. Our Team Approach & Company Culture I already mentioned that the R&D team participates in two levels of SCRUM. This is because CONTINUE READING