Come Code with AppsFlyer: Apache Spark

Morri FeldmanMay 3, 2015 1 minute READ

+-*Tomorrow (May 4th) we are excited to welcome you to the first session of our new Meetup, “Coding with AppsFlyer”.  Here at AppsFlyer we use Apache Spark for much of our offline processing and we are really excited about it. Have you heard the buzz about Spark and wanted to know how to get started using it?  Are you already using Spark and want to see how we use it and CONTINUE READING

Cohort Analysis: Making the Most of this Report

Matan TesslerApril 30, 2015 1 minute READ
Cohort Analysis

+-*So what exactly is all the buzz around cohort reports? The cohort report allows you to group users with common characteristics to measure specific KPIs for these groups over different time frames. As opposed to LTV reports, this analysis allows you to compare apples to apples. For instance, you can focus on users who came from a specific Facebook campaign in  the US (or any other geographic area) and measure average CONTINUE READING

How to Make the Most of App Discovery on Google Organic Search After ‘Mobilegeddon’

Shani RosenfelderApril 29, 2015 4 minutes READ
google blog image

+-*These are exciting days for organic app discovery. Thanks to Google’s latest update of its mobile search algorithm, organic user acquisition is set to climb. The question we at AppsFlyer immediately asked ourselves is, can it be measured? Before we answer that, a little background. On April 21st, Google began to roll out several major changes to its search algorithm on smartphones. AKA Mobilegeddon (which is a little bit of CONTINUE READING

OneLink Now Does More!

Matan TesslerApril 27, 2015 1 minute READ
OneLink Does More

+-*The deeplinking solution you’ve come to depend on for your custom media sources just got even better. OneLink has always been able to attribute installs and more from mediums like email, social media and QR codes. However, we heard your requests and so our stellar developers made even more improvements on this very smart link. Drumroll Please… OneLink now can support apps in a variety of new stores: Windows Store: CONTINUE READING