IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution



Apple has fixed its questionable move that allowed IDFA collection only for apps that show ads. Apple is now allowing app developers to collect and use the IDFA for attribution which is great news for the industry (and Apple).

Apple was always concerned about the quality of ads in the iOS ecosystem, however taking the IDFA out has the opposite effect. Without proper measurement, ad quality decreases as advertisers have no idea which ads are working and which are not. We also saw that in order to have legit access to IDFAs, developers started to serve ads even if they didn’t initially plan to. This didn’t make any sense for anybody, including Apple.

Although AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack can handle mobile app attribution regardless of IDFA, some Ad-networks rely solely on it. Our vision that mobile ads should stop being annoying and become a value-added service can only be achieved with proper attribution and measurement. We are happy to announce that AppsFlyer fully complies with Apple’s updated terms and we’re proud to be leading the market with a true All-In-One, unbiased mobile attribution and measurement platform.

Please check our Knowledge Base for details on how to submit your iOS app with IDFA.

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AppsFlyer Just Raised $7.1M Round A

We wanted to share with you that we just raised a $7.1M A round from Pitango Venture Capital and Magma Venture Partners.

In the last 2.5 years, AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology has rapidly become the industry standard for mobile attribution at scale. AppsFlyer is now measuring billions of mobile actions monthly and global top tier app publishers are using our technology. Our SDK’s are now installed on more than 800 million mobile devices, measuring more than $500M in mobile ad spend annually.

AppsFlyer is a product company. We have always focused on both our clients and the product rather than on flashy PR, marketing, advertising or chasing investors.

We realized very quickly that delivering a great product and having happy clients produces better ROI than just pure PR or fancy investor decks. Actually, that’s what helped us raise our Seed round back in 2012, as well as the current round. The logic is simple – focus on a great product and on happy clients, the rest will follow and investors will come to you. In fact, our strategy went so well, that AppsFlyer became profitable last year; the current round was oversubscribed and I had to say no to money for the first time in my life :)

What does it mean to our clients? Unlike other companies, we are not going to hire a big sales team. In fact, we haven’t even hired our first salesperson yet! Most of this money is going to be spent on the product. We believe that AppsFlyer is a combination of software and a team that helps clients in their everyday goal of growing their apps. Thus, we are going to extend our support team globally.

Special Thanks:

  • Our Clients – We truly think of our clients as our first investors. Our financial investors took their lead from you. This would never have happened without you. Thank you!
  • Our Investors – Thanks for the courage of our Seed investors, as well as the support and understanding along the way. Doing business with people with whom you like to work with is crucial. There is no other way. Thank you!
  • The AppsFlyer Team – You are a group of magicians – the definition of startup people. I would like to give a special thanks to my amazing co-founders Reshef Mann, Lisa Zaythik, Nir Rubinstein and Elad Mashiach, who have been there all the way from the garage stage. You are the proof that dreams come true. Thank you!
  • Our Partners Thank you for accepting the new kid on the block when mobile tracking did not yet exist. Thank you for seeing the value in transparent mobile measurement and for helping our clients grow their apps. Thank you!
  • Friends and Families - Although we haven’t seen you for a while, you play a big part in what we have created. Thank you for letting us dream, for the belief in us and the support you provide. Thank you!


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AppsFlyer Team
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Migrating From HasOffers MobileAppTracking or Other Tracking Providers

As you have probably heard, HasOffers and Kontagent were dropped as Facebook Mobile Measurement Partners (MMPs). The situation has left many marketers without an attribution solution for install campaigns running on Facebook. For those affected, AppsFlyer is making our team available to help quickly migrate your tracking and attribution needs to AppsFlyer. We are sure that you will be happy with the upgrade to the leading attribution and analytics platform out there.


AppsFlyer is an approved Facebook Mobile Measurement Partner. Click here to view the AppsFlyer MMP Profile

We will help convert all of your Facebook campaigns over to AppsFlyer for a seamless cut-over once your app is integrate with the AppsFlyer SDK.


  • Why AppsFlyer?

      1. Integration and migration is super easy. We will assign you with a dedicated account manager to help your team migrate to AppsFlyer.
      2. Fully aligned with all industry standards and Apple recent IDFA update.
      3. AppsFlyer is the most reliable and accurate tracking platform out there. AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ SDK has been installed more than 2 billion times, makes AppsFlyer the tracking platform with the largest installation base.
      4. AppsFlyer is now measuring more than $500M in mobile ad spend annually.
      5. Powerful API that allows you to be very flexible with YOUR data.
      6. AppsFlyer is integrated with all the major PMD’s.
      7. AppsFlyer is integrated with more than 300 ad-networks.
      8. Powerful analytics dashboard and APIs.
      9. Support Facebook call to action ads.
      10. Retargeting support with multiple providers including all major players and Google Adwords.
      11. Totally unbiased and trusted by partners and advertisers for CPA campaigns.
      12. AppsFlyer protects your most valuable app data. With data policy, you own the data and we will never share/sell to anyone without your permission.
  • What are AppsFlyer’s costs?

Our pricing model is aligned with your campaigns volume. You don’t pay for clicks, in-app events, app opens, organic traffic. You pay only for publishers/non-organic installs.

API’s, support, migration support, on-boarding are free.

  • Can I migrate just my Facebook campaigns to AppsFlyer?

Yes. This is simple and we will help you with that. Once you will start using AppsFlyer, we are sure that you will migrate all your campaigns to AppsFlyer.

  • Can I use the AppsFlyer SDK with HasOffers SDK?

Yes. Once integrated, all you need to do is to configure Facebook App ID in the AppsFlyer platform to start receiving your campaigns data.


AppsFlyer Team
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Apple Rejecting Apps That Collect IDFA (IFA) But Do Not Show Ads

[Update Apr 11, 2014 - IDFA is Now Officially Allowed For Attribution]

[Updated Feb 6, 2014]

We just got off the phone with Apple and received the latest update regarding the issue.

To make it simple and without speculation:

1. If you show ads in your app, you are not affected.

2. If you don’t show ads in your app, you should update to the latest AF iOS SDK and don’t include AdSupport.framework. AF iOS SDK will not collect IDFA in case AdSupport.framework is not included in your project.

Fortunately, AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology is designed to work regardless of whether we have access to the IDFA or not.

We have been through Apple episodes before, with UDID, MAC address, pasteboard and openUDID. The IDFA move by Apple raises some questions but, for us, it is just another episode that makes NativeTrack™ technology a must have tool for all app marketers.

Feel free to share your thoughts.


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AppsFlyer is Hiring !

AppsFlyer is hiring and it’s a good opportunity to share the things we believe in, our status, our vision and what are we looking for.

Our Beliefs:

    1. Growth is a company asset. Generating and supporting it over time is the team’s mission.
    2. We encourage maximizing employees’ hidden potential.
    3. We are proud of our creation, and we deliver it with our own personal signature on it.
    4. With the right team, turning AppsFlyer into a billion dollar company is right around the corner.
    5. We like super smart, out-of-the-box, fearless team players.
    6. Working for a corporate is riskier to your career than working for a small startup.
    7. Making mistakes is human and a crucial part of learning.
    8. Learning is endless.
    9.  “Entrepreneur” is a character type, not an occupation. We look for true entrepreneurs!
    10. Our clients are the most important thing. We have our clients in mind in every decision we make.
    11. Success is never accidental.
    12. We protect our time in the same way in which we protect our bank account.
    13. We look forward to coming to work every single day! Work should be fun, challenging and satisfying.
    14. “Just do it” – is a way of life.
    15. Every project starts with a thought.

Our status:

AppsFlyer’s NativeTrack™ technology is rapidly becoming the industry standard for mobile attribution at scale. Our traffic almost doubles itself every month. Our platform is now measuring billions of mobile actions monthly, and global top tier app publishers are using the technology. Our SDK’s are now installed on more than 500 million devices, measuring more than $100M in mobile media annually. AppsFlyer is profitable and funded by leading VC.

Our Vision:

We believe that the mobile advertising industry is still in its infancy. We believe that mobile will increasingly consume most of the advertising budgets worldwide. This will happen once ads stop being annoying and become a value-added service. We are building a technology which enables this today. AppsFlyer is the leading platform for mobile campaign measurement and engagement analytics, and plans to build a technology that enables marketers to go “all-in” in mobile.

What are we looking for?

We are hiring extraordinary people who want to help build and scale one of the fastest growing companies in mobile advertising technology.

We are creating the smartest, sharpest, most creative, energetic, fearless, and humble team to help us make AppsFlyer the next billion dollar company.

Check out our openings and get ready for a wild ride!


AppsFlyer Team


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AppsFlyer Q1 2013 Mobile App Discovery Report

Mobile App Discovery: Know Your Channels

In the first quarter of 2013, the most common channels to promote and advertise mobile apps were: (1) Ad Networks, (2) App Discovery Platforms, (3) Cross Sell, (4) Incentivized Traffic, (5) Search, and (6) Social (in alphabetical order).


    1. Ad Networks: Ad networks place your ads on other publishers’ mobile and web apps
    2. App Discovery Platforms: Ad Networks which specialize in mobile app discovery
    3. Cross Sell: Placing ads for your app on another, complementary app, usually within the same publisher and segment
    4. Incentivized Ad Networks: Ad networks offering users an incentive (free offering, game credits) to download your app
    5. Search: Users discovering your app via mobile search
    6. Social: Marketing mobile apps on social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), through user invites and other social app discovery platforms

To help app marketers find the right channels to promote and advertise their apps, AppsFlyer analyzed billions of events across channels, geographies, app categories and user segments during the 1st quarter of 2013 in order to help make sense of the chaos that is mobile app marketing.

We then compared the following metrics:

  • Conversion Rate (CR)(X axis): Clicks/Installs
  • User Quality(Y axis): We calculated User Quality scores by analyzing the number of sessions, in-app events, purchases and retention
  • Volume(Bubble size): New users’ volume

Comparing Apps Marketing Channels: Conversion Rates vs. User Quality vs. Volume
AppsFlyer Q1 2013 Mobile App Discovery Report


After analyzing the data, here’s what we found:

1.   Social is the Q1 winner in mobile app marketing

Social app marketing, which includes app marketing on social networks like Facebook and Twitter, users inviting their friends and app discovery based on social elements, was the top app marketing channel when considering all three criteria – user quality, conversion rates and volume.

In previous quarters, Social delivered high quality users; however, the volume and reach were limited. Facebook Mobile App Install Ads launched late last year definitely helped the Social channel become the winner in Q1 2013.

In fact, Facebook Mobile App Install Ad unit was by far the most effective social driver of high quality users at large volumes.

Mobile app categories best-suited to Social: App marketing campaigns for games, travel, social apps and geo-targeted apps performed particularly well using mobile social marketing channels.

AppsFlyer Insight: We believe that the social channel will continue to grow very fast as initial campaigns delivered high quality users. We expect social campaign costs to increase as more advertisers seek to leverage social channels like Facebook.

2.   With mobile apps, Search leads in quality

Search delivers the highest quality of users for mobile apps. But where mobile search fails is in delivering quantity or a high conversion rate.

It’s not surprising that a channel which delivers the highest quality of users would deliver fewer users. What is surprising, given the success of Search on the web, is the fact that mobile search isn’t as dominant. This is further proof that users aren’t immediately adopting their web habits to the 3rd screen.

(NOTE: Search refers to queries in mobile search engines and does not include direct queries in the App Store or Google Play).

Mobile app categories best-suited to mobile Search: App marketing campaigns for E-commerce, utilities, travel, food and content segments all performed well via paid mobile search.

3.   Ad Networks deliver volume

If you’re looking for volume, you can reach out to the 100+ mobile ad networks out there. Though it seems that ad networks deliver on average lower quality users with lower conversion rates, the variation is very high (i.e. some campaigns performed very well while others didn’t) . Many ad networks can optimize campaigns based on conversions (installation or even on a post install in-app event), so first app marketers need to implement proper conversion tracking and then they need to be patient until the network learns the data and is able to improve campaign results. In addition, we noticed that some manual optimization always helps in determining which campaign/creative/publisher-id/day part/geo works best.

Mobile app categories best-suited to Ad Networks: App marketing campaigns for mass market apps and games performed well via mobile Ad Networks.

AppsFlyer Insight: We believe that Ad Networks will continue to improve performance over time as they improve their targeting and retargeting capabilities. We also identify a growing trend of CPA (Cost per In-App Action) offering that will definitely increase Ad Networks volume.

4.   Is Incentivized traffic effective?

Though Incentivized traffic delivers the best conversion rates, as one would expect, the average user quality is the lowest. We also found that the user quality variation in this channel is the highest, meaning that it works very well for some apps and not for others. Certain games performed well using his channel.

The key to a successful mobile app marketing campaign, especially with incentivized traffic, is understanding campaign ROI. For app marketers who measure all campaign expenditures and their direct return, incentivized traffic can be cost-effective.

Mobile app categories best-suited for buying Incentivized traffic: Mobile app marketing campaigns for games and apps with a high K factor (additional organic users generated indirectly from the campaign) performed well with incentivized traffic.

AppsFlyer Insight: We predict that incentivized networks will move deeper into the conversion funnel to validate ROI for advertisers and enable CPA (Cost Per In-App Action) campaigns by offering advertisers a price per specific action within the application. This method offers a riskless marketing method for advertisers and a great business model for the networks that can actually deliver.

In Summary: After a messy 2012, which was confusing for mobile app advertisers, 2013 will be the demand side year, with better reach, targeting, conversion and measurement. We believe that the measurement of all campaign variables is the key to increasing mobile marketing budgets because accurate measurement enables uncovering the actual value of mobile advertising.

Data source:

AppsFlyer is a mobile apps marketing measurement platform that allows app developers, brands and agencies to measure and optimize their entire mobile customer acquisition funnel from one real-time dashboard.

We compiled aggregated Q1 2013 data into this report in an effort to help educate mobile marketers on mobile app discovery channels and help them master the complexities of this market.


  • The data is aggregated across all app segments: games, utilities, e-commerce, etc. What is right and profitable for a specific mobile game is not necessarily right for an e-commerce app or utility.
  • Data is aggregated across Android and iOS.
  • Right campaign management, optimization, creative and professional media buyers can greatly impact campaign results.
  • Measure everything and know your data!


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