How to Get Better User Engagement with AppsFlyer and deltaDNA

If you’re a game developer, you have to be concerned with user engagement.

Having engaged users makes your job much easier since engaged users generate revenue, create buzz and generally make your app a success.

Getting good user engagement means having a good end-to-end funnel which optimizes from user acquisition through user monetization and retention.

Measuring Your Way to Mobile App Success

We had a great time presenting at the Think Mobile with Google marketing summit in Beijing, China last week.

It was an important event since the Chinese app market has become such a major player in the global app economy. Today, China based apps make up about 40% of the global market share, more than twice the market share of 2012!

The Best Mobile App Analytics – VentureBeat Picks AppsFlyer

The most successful app developers use more than one analytics platform.

That’s according to VentureBeat’s recent report, Mobile App Analytics: What winning mobile developers use, about the analytics platforms used by leading app developers, which highlights AppsFlyer as a top pick.

VentureBeat surveyed 230 app developers with 250 million active users as well as accessed SDK, ratings, and download data for over 1.8 million apps on Google Play and the iOS App Store.

Deep Linking: Is Now The Time For Mobile Search Ads?

When it comes to mobile app user acquisition, paid search just isn’t the 800 pound gorilla it is for online ads.


And this trend isn’t new. According to eMarketer, Google’s been losing paid search dollars to search apps for the past couple of years. Google’s mobile search market share has dropped from 82.8% to under 66% during this time.

Create One Smart Link for Any Use Case: AppsFlyer Releases OneLink

We want to save you time and make your work easier.

Up until now, creating deep links for your app was a pain. You had to create a different link for each mobile OS your potential users might have and make sure the right users were getting the right version of the links. On top of that, standard deep links have horrible user experience since they can’t detect if a user has previously installed your app or not.

User Retention and User Experience: Working Hand In Hand

Coming up with that golden idea for an app is no easy task. With so many apps available today, inventing something useful that does not already exist is a challenge, to be sure. But conceiving of the app seems like a cakewalk compared to actually developing the app. So much goes into it, from finding the right team to do the work to the technical aspects to the design to the function… It is a challenging process that generally requires a lot of time, money, and effort. But that all melts away when you realize how much work will have to go into marketing your app and excelling at user acquisition. You could have a million-dollar app but it is worth nothing if no one knows about it and downloads it.

Mobile App Install Tracking: 5 Questions You Need To Answer

For a lot of new app developers, it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to tracking your app’s installs.

You quickly find out that if your tracking isn’t in place, you have no idea who your users are, where they came from and what you can do to get more of them.

With mobile advertising spending growing by 83% in 2014, knowing how to properly measure the success or failure of mobile advertising campaigns is a necessity for app marketers.

Mobile Marketing Strategies You’ve Never Tried

Mobile marketing has come a long way from simply posting ads on mobile browsers or within apps and hoping for a high return. The best mobile marketing strategies are presenting innovative ways to drive long-term engagement and brand awareness through active consumer participation. Here are the best mobile marketing strategies we bet you’ve never tried, along with examples of big brands who’ve shown you how to do them right.

6 Misconceptions About Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

We all know that mobile presents brands with a unique opportunity to market their products to their target market. However, it’s also understood that not every person shares the excitement about what mobile marketing has brought. Some people have doubts, reservations, concerns and even questions as to whether they should get concerned about including a mobile marketing strategy in their advertising campaigns right now. Sadly, we are still seeing resistance to the adoption of mobile ads and strategy. You still get many people questioning mobile, i.e. the older non tech C-Levels or as i call it the grey haired chairman. The same people who washed away facebook and social media as viable forms of marketing platforms are shunning mobile advertising. When considering the kind of role mobile should have in your mobile strategy, it’s vital to make a decision based on expert advice and some stats too. Mobile ads are a key component to any strategy that includes mobile in its mix, and the impact they have on generation Y and even now the X’ers, is not something anyone can miss out on. Afterall, they are ready for ads on their devices even if they don’t know it.

Get Higher App User LTV with AppsFlyer’s Retention Reports

Your app’s retention rate is one of the most important metrics you need to know.

The retention rate is the percentage of users who open your app each day after the install. Retained, or active users, generate better lifetime value (LTV) since the more a user opens your app, the more likely your are to monetize the user.