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Open-Source SDK

What is an Open-Source SDK?

An open-source SDK is a potential security breach for reverse engineering and malicious hacking, putting user data at risk opening the door to SDK Spoofing fraud attempts.


How This Works:

An open source code invites external parties to download the code and change it to fit specific needs. Fraudsters use this as an invitation to come in and have their way with the SDK, reverse engineer it, manipulate its code, messaging and more to fit whatever scheme they come up with.   


Why AppsFlyer:

AppsFlyer’s encrypted SDK is virtually impossible to reverse engineer. Using encrypted server messages makes the possibility of a Man In the Middle attack impossible, unlike in Open Source SDK.

Combined with Protect360, AppsFlyer drives highly-efficient prevention of bots and emulated devices


SDK spoofing, a common issue with open source SDK’s, is a non-issue thanks to AppsFlyer’s encrypted SDK.   


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