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SDK (Software Development Kit)

Measurement and Attribution Tool for App Developers

In mobile advertising, an SDK is a piece of code mobile app developers add to their app to collect measurement and app install attribution data. For ad networks, access to the right data at the right time via an SDK significantly improves their performance.

App marketers face two challenges with regard to SDKs: to provide each ad network an SDK with different implementation and quality assurance and to format and maintain postbacks or proprietary integrations for each ad network. These are daunting tasks; too much for most app marketers.

As app marketers scale their efforts, the delay and cost of adding new SDKs or manually implementing and QAing postbacks slows their progress, drains technical resources and negatively impacts an app’s performance. Furthermore, many of the largest mobile ad networks in the world (e.g. Facebook, Google, Twitter) only sync attribution and engagement data with a limited number of certified partners.

This is why attribution providers offer what is referred to more specifically as a universal SDK. Universal SDKs are more economical solution, connecting advertisers to the entire mobile ecosystem – 100s or even 1000s of ad networks.


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