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Post-Attribution Fraud Protection

What is Post-Attribution Fraud Protection?

As much as we’d love for it to be true, not all fraud attempts are identified and blocked in real time. Algorithms can only block known fraudulent behavior patterns as they occur in real-time, other, new patterns constantly emerge and require learning, creating instances of fraud patterns not yet associated to familiar trends, thus get attributed at first view. 

Post attribution fraud protection

Post attribution fraud protection

How This Works:

Constantly looking back and sampling data points, Protect360 is the only platform to learn on the go, reach conclusions on newly introduced fraud patterns and apply them on previously recorded installs matching the new patterns identified.


Why AppsFlyer:

AppsFlyer is the first to introduce the post-attribution mechanism, catching fraud cases that had initially gone under the radar, assigning them to newly identified fraud patterns, streamlining the reconciliation process.


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