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Know Your Enemy: The Complete Mobile Ad Fraud Glossary

Mobile ad fraud has turned into a game of cat and mouse: bad actors have become far more sophisticated, leading to the development of more advanced anti-fraud solutions, which then forces fraudsters to up their game, and so on… The danger with this cycle is that when things get complicated, some get confused, or worse just don’t bother.

Because of AppsFlyer’s leading position in the mobile marketing industry, educating the market about mobile ad fraud is a top priority for us. We need to ensure that everyone in our space is on the same page and that it is clear what we are up against. That’s why we created the most comprehensive mobile fraud glossary in the market which defines everything you need to know about mobile ad fraud, and details ways to combat known types of fraud.

The glossary will tell you:

  • What’s the difference between click flooding and install hijacking?
  • What is Limit Ad Tracking and how is it connected to fraud?
  • What are Device ID reset marathons and how can they be detected?
  • What are New Devices and what does their share tell us about fraud?
  • + so much more.

Click here to review this must-have resource. We will continuously update the glossary as new information becomes available.