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Leverage AppsFlyer to unlock the power of your mobile marketing data across every platform, network, and provider in the world

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The mobile ecosystem is incredibly diverse. AppsFlyer helps you unlock the power of your mobile marketing data across every platform, network and provider in the world, so you can work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

We call it The AppsFlyer Universal SDK. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish when you put your data to work.

Powerful Integrations

Media Sources

Measure your performance across every media provider in the world by using our deep integrations to match their ads, clicks and impressions with your installs. No need to call a developer or add a new SDK. Integrated partners include Facebook, Google AdWords, AppLovin, Twitter and more.

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Analytics Platform

Leverage your AppsFlyer attribution data right in your product or marketing analytics suites using our preconfigured integrations. Integrated analytics platforms include Adobe Marketing Cloud, IBM, Swrve, MixPanel, Localytics and dozens more.

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Sync your rich-in app events with retargeting networks to target specific users – without needing to add their SDK. Integrated retargeting platforms include Criteo, Remerge, Tyroo, Vizury, Inmobi to new a few.

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Marketing Automation

AppsFlyer’s deep integrations with mobile marketing automation providers including Leanplum, MixPanel, Appboy, UrbanAirship, Swrve, IBM Marketing Cloud and the Adobe Marketing Cloud allow marketers to easily use their attribution data to segment and target their push and in-app messaging, email marketing, personalization, user flow management, A/B testing and more.

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Agency Integrations

Manage your all of your partner agencies using dozens of agency integrations including local boutique agencies, specialty shops and nearly every major global agency.

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Agency Transparency

Get full insights into any agency’s media spend and performance data right in your AppsFlyer dashboard. Enabled by your agency partner with just the click of a button.

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Campaign Management Integrations

Automate campaign optimization workflows with AppsFlyer’s Campaign Management Integrations. Deep integrations with campaign management platforms including Bidalgo, Bidshake, and Appsumer enable marketers the ability to retrieve metrics faster and more accurately with richer data and insights.

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Advanced audience segmentation: easily sync dynamic, rich audience segmentation with leading ad networks for better user acquisition, lookalike targeting, re-engagement and even device exclusion. Deep, audience API integrations can be enabled with just one click, delivering reliable data transfer to ad networks and data repositories in a snap.

When you put your data to work for you, the possibilities are limitless.

The Easiest, Most Powerful Integrations
In The Mobile Marketing World

Every AppsFlyer partner integration is full featured and fully preconfigured. You won’t need to wait for a developer to add another partner or platform. This is powerful big data geekery, built for mobile marketers. Here’s how it works:


There is no need to manually configure postbacks or set-up custom API integrations. Just click save. And don’t forget to follow any follow up instructions for enabling this configuration within your partner’s dashboards or tools.

Beneath The Hood -
Postbacks for Marketers

While this looks incredibly easy, we have done an incredible amount of work behind the scenes to make these deep data integrations remarkably robust. Our engineers have preconfigured every parameter of these integrations, so you can use all of your mobile attribution and engagement data across every marketing platform, media source or tool in the world.

Once enabled, every time a user installs or engages with your app, a fully configured postback will be sent to your integrated partners, in real-time.

Connect To The Entire Industry

Unlike other attribution providers, we proudly offer no paid products or paid integrations for any platforms, ad networks or affiliate networks. Our commitment is first, foremost and exclusively in helping marketers utilize their mobile attribution and analytics to their full potential. In order to make this vision your reality, our global Partner Development team actively work with every marketing platform and provider in the world to setup, maintain and enhance these deep integrations.

The mobile marketing industry is a large, booming, global community. We are proud of the thousands of requests from advertisers for introductions to our integrated partners, and billions of dollars in paid media we have helped advertisers measure and optimize. Our built in Request an Introduction feature provides all AppsFlyer clients with instant access to our entire network of contacts. Please feel free to reach out for a hand, an introduction or advice. We are here to help.

Ecosystem Insights

Improving your performance can be difficult. Our MAMA Library contains incredible resources to help you improve your mobile marketing performance. These complimentary guides will help you:


  • Understand the role of each type of platform and provider
  • Download a ranking of the best performing ad networks
  • Optimize your user acquisition and engagement based on global performance data
  • Benchmark your in-app revenues against the others in your region and vertical

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When adding any new platform or provider is this easy, there is no reason to settle for a jack-of-all-trades but master-of-none.
Go ahead and build your dream marketing tech stack.
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